Top 5 Mike Carroll Back Smiths


Man, what is there to say about Mike Carroll. Well - a lot of people (or anybody past age 20) when asked “who is your favorite skater?” will fumble around and say something like “my friends” or something. No. Fuck my friends. Mike Carroll is my favorite skater. He’s WAY better than anybody I know or have ever met. When I was thinking about what to write, I was going to do favorite parts. But I really couldn’t choose, because I kind of love 'em all. I celebrate the guy’s entire catalogue. I started watching a few of his parts, and it dawned on me. Back smiths*. Mike has the best ones. It’s arguably the most stylish trick you can do, and MC is arguably the most stylish guy on a board. Anyway, enough rambling - here’s a few of my favorite Mike Caroll back smiths.

5.) Fully Flared 

I actually remember a sequence coming out with this trick before the video dropped. It was the moment when I realized that Mike would actually have a part in this video. In other words this ad gave me great joy. It was funny though, because when the video came out, I realized that he does the trick on another ledge, this time in a baseball cap. Nice. Back smith back 360, two amazing, classic tricks in one.

Fully Flared

4.) Chocolate Tour

Not much to say about this one, it happens really quick and is gangster as fuck. The best thing about it is now when you go to watch this part on youtube you get the still frame of this trick. :)

Chocolate Tour

Warning: above gif can cause seizure

3.) Lakai in Canada

This is my favorite of any of the Crailtap edits from this time. Quick story - I used to have one class in high school where for whatever reason we were in the computer lab, which meant that no work was getting done and everybody was on the internet. I’m dating myself, but the only 2 sites with any real, consistent, accessible media were Crailtap, and DLXSF. Or those were the only 2 that I frequented. ANYWAY - Crailtap would drop edits on an insane basis for the time (like once a month), and this one came out, which meant that I got to watch it every day for a long time. Dan Bohart is one of the greatest skate hosts of all time, the cover of Comfortably Numb is too good to be true, and Carroll’s opener back smith where he just flops out with both feet on the front is unforgettable.

Lakai Canada

2.) Modus Operandi

Mike could've stopped filming for this part after the legendary first line, but instead he chose to give us this beauty of a smith.


1.) Yeah Right!

Ok, I will admit (shame on me) that I don’t know the name of this set, but it’s the up 3, down 12-or-whatever with the rail. Every pro in 2003 skated it. (EDIT: It's the La Canada set, thank you based commenter).  Let’s talk about this line real quick. Switch flip up, a push to change to regular stance, one of the best varial flips ever to get the board back to where it should be, and then a massive back smith. For me it’s just the way he rides away from this one. Good grief. The lean back. I need to get some fresh air.

Yeah Right

*Don’t “Monty Grind” me right now. Not in the mood for that argument.

- Dave