Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends "THE BEST OF 2016"

It's mid-February guys n' gals. We're slowly getting through another hellish New England winter, though this one has been pretty mild (Definitely just fucked up by claiming that). In the mean time, Frankie Nash was working in the lab last month and created two monsters in the form of "Best Of 2016" recaps of his Fun With Friends series. We got a double feature this time around, one being an edit from the streets and the other being an all skatepark footage, prominently featuring the deceased POP Allston. I bet once we get another snow storm we'll look to this edit and think "Damn I miss those mediocre ledges and inhaling dust all day." Until that day comes, sit back, crack a beer if it's an appropriate time of day, and enjoy.

Ryan Stiffler Presents: Suffer Sunday "GAME DAY"

With one week until Super Bowl LI, there has been a lot of questions running through the minds of the citizens of New England. Will the Patriots curb stomp the lowley Falcons? What happens when the G.O.A.T retires? Will Belichek ever show a human emotion? All of these questions will be answered next week when the boys square up on the gridiron. Until then, take a look at what went down before the Pats smoked the Steelers in the AFC game. The boys got a few clips and came up with this. Enjoy.

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends November

November is widely considered to be one of the last months where skating outside is possible for us in the North East. We're lucky if we can get past Thanksgiving with a sesh or two outdoors. You already know Frankie Nash is going to take full advantage of the last remaining days of halfway decent weather. Here is the latest offering in the Fun With Friends series, for which, we should be thankful (Had to work that in somewhere) Enjoy!

Stevie Hamblin presents: Dad Clothing from "NTBDMN (Not Bad, Man)"

In honor of 2014 SmlTalk "Crowd Favorite" winner Christopher Botsch's 26th birthday, our good friend Stevie decided to post the super heavy Dad Clothing from the acclaimed local video "NTBDMN", which includes a full part from Chris. Ever the trendsetter, Chris claimed he wanted to skate to INOJ's "My Boo" months before it became the fun sweet meme it now is. Enjoy!

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends May

We're sorry for the slight delay on this, June's wonderful and already oppressive heat snuck up on us and we've been doing the best we can at soaking up as much of that early summer sun as we can. Recapping the final month of spring, Frankie's latest FWF installment is just a taste of good times to come now that the warm months are here to stay. We will check back with Frankie come July, cheers!


Frankie Nash in "Gem"

Given all his time spent playing iphone videographer for our website, it's almost easy to forget that Frankie Nash spends a decent amount of time on the other side of the camera lens. He's got a plethora of video parts under his belt already and he hasn't showed any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Tim Savage was kind of enough to allow us to host Frankie's part from his recent video "Gem", which you should buy, because the video is good. To do this, go to this link for the hardcopy, or this link for the download. Enjoy :)

Ryan Stiffler Presents: Suffer Sundays 2

In case you wanted to skip the full hour of Game of Thrones this week, Stiffler brings us another installment of Suffer Sundays, which you can watch on repeat approximately 30 times during the same period of time. See below for some words of wisdom Stiff daddy had to pass on, and enjoy the suffering.

Beer; high in fiber, plenty of Vitamin B, has multiple anti-microbial properties, is rich in silicon, and completely decimates your ability to function on occasion. They say you're borrowing happiness from the next day after a long night out, sometimes that rings exceptionally true. Don't overindulge, kids.

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends April

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May showers.....what's that??? That's not how the saying goes at all? It's supposed to be nice out? Sun? Sun who???

Honestly man, if it weren't for Frankie's tireless iPhone edit output, I would have easily thrown myself out the god damn window by now. Thankfully, a new month is here, which also means a new FWF. Check out the April edit now and helplessly wonder when you'll maybe be able to skate for even a little bit next. Spoiler alert: it could be weeks from now.

Fattrax Presents: Sultans of Salt

The Holyoke Bowl Boys are back and this time they're out in the streets! Well, they're out on the streets most of the time. Fattrax's newest video managed to squeeze a special skate section in the middle of it, filmed by our chillest friend Nolan Fonda (@nolan_likes_chilling) and edited by Greg Rooke (instagram handle, unknown). Next time you see Nolan in town, be sure to buy him a beer, or better yet a water, because I'm sure by the time you see him he's had plenty of beer and I'm gonna have to babysit his ass. Cheers, dudes!

Sloppy Joe's Full Length

We are incredibly honored to have the exclusive online premiere of Josh Foisey and the gang's mediocre masterpiece, Sloppy Joe's. A video that doesn't push any limits at all, but rather just reminds us that going skateboarding with your friends, whether it be to the local curb or the slightly larger local curb, is pretty much the only thing that's worth doing in life. Enjoy your weekend everybody :)

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends March

I honestly don't know how he does it at this point. Not that this winter has been particularly bad or anything, but the fact that Frank, and more importantly, our friends have been able to put enough footage together for another edit is pretty insane.

Enjoy Frankie's March installment of Fun With Friends...Now to get through this awful fucking stretch of weather. Lessgetit boys!

NTBDMN | A Video by Steve Hamblin

The full length feature from Steve Hamblin is now live - happy fucking Monday :)

A note from Mr. Hamblin himself:

"Throughout 2015 we brought the VX2100 out for the majority of the skate sessions. This is our reluctant result. Mediocre Filming/editing along with some really good skating from the guys we spend time with on our boards. A lot of good times were had and we know 2016 will be much of the same. We want to thank everyone that helped along the way. Will be nice to look back to 2015 and see that we were able to put something together. Skateboarding is #1 and overall we would say #NTBDMN."

-Neutral Company