What to Expect from The Plan B Video


It's crunch time boys. The moment we've all been waiting for. The Plan B video, the answer to all of our problems, will supposedly be released some time next month. A major void is about to be filled. This is sort of like the Catalina Wine Mixer of skateboarding: if it fails, then we get the last laugh - but if it doesn't and is somehow a cohesive, well-assembled video, we've got something for the old DVD (who am I kidding?) library. Everybody wins, unless your name starts with T and ends in orey Pudwill.

Anyhow, this impending release prompted a heated discussion between myself and the rest of SMLtalk crew. We decided to throw together a consolidated list including all you'll need to know or understand in preparation for the release of The Plan B Video.

DL:  Danny Way's part will meet expectations, and be better than Dreamland. Ha.

CK: Darrel Stanton's part...oh wait.

RJ: Ryan Sheckler post Plan B video will still be unable to find chill girl.

EO: PJ will quit 2 weeks before, but still be contractually obligated to have a 49 second part edited to iMovie preloaded rap beat, like DAMN SON YALL JUST GOT ÉSPECIALLED!!!

RJ: Skating Flip boards with Plan B spray painted across them.

DL: The only way the video will be good is if Mike Ternasky comes back to life.

RJ: Prediction - Mike Ternasky never died, Carroll never quit, Girl never happened.

EO: The Plan B video is a collective figment of skateboarding's imagination.

RJ: Torey Pudwill has built a career off not having a part in this video.

DL: Primus will appear in Pat Duffy's part like J Mascis in Mindfield.

RJ: Pat Duffy will skate with Primus in his pockets.

EO: Scott Decenzo will have a part, but Ryan Decenzo will have more guest footage than him.

RJ: Which Decenzo is on Plan B? They're both on Darkstar to me.

DL: You think there's still time for me to get a clip for the friends section?

EO: Yes

RJ: Yeah, I need to get one, if not I can have Tin send over something.