A Look Back: The Original Re-Edit Contest Winner, PJ Ladd's Pro Skater


I was watching some of the winners of the Aaron Herrington re-edits, and they were not bad. Not bad at all. But if I am going to be honest, I just spent the whole time time thinking back to 2004, when éS had what was (as far as I can remember) the first re-edit contest, with PJ’s footage from the infamous “Silence is Golden” part, in Really Sorry. The decision to go sans music was highly criticized, which created the opportunity for the guys at éS/Flip to say “hey, you don’t like what was done, let’s see you do it better yourself”. And they did. I actually entered this contest with a couple friends, with an edit which (though I was proud of at the time) is thankfully not on the internet. But when I saw the winner, I was in utter shock. It was fucked up. Here I was simply taking the clips, rearranging them and throwing a sick* song on over it while somewhere out there was an amateur editor, probably still living at home, capable of turning this part into the fucking Tony Hawk game. It wasn’t fair. I don’t know what this kid won, but it probably should’ve been PJ personally flying to the kids house and giving him a blowjob. Anyway, let’s go over some of the things that made this edit so damn unbelievable.

  1. Loading screen with proper font.
  2. The select screen, which included the entire team, including Cale Nuske (sign of the time) and also had stats which were specifically tailored for each skater. This person was absolutely unemployed.
  3. When selecting PJ, the editor purposely goes past him to look at Koston, and then goes back to PJ.
  4. PJ says “Yeah Scuba, wooo” when you select him.
  5. He makes it so that there are levels that you can select from. In which he chooses LA. Are you fucking kidding me.
  6. Score meter.
  7. Point system with trick combos and multiplier for gaps. Bonus points to this kid for appropriately named sets/gaps/locations.
  8. Balance meter for the nosegrind.
  9. Pause screen. Wait a second, what is happening. You have got to be fucking kidding me there is no way he is changing levels to Boston. Wow. This is the point where he knew he was going to win, and just decided to dickslap everybody right in the face.
  10. Of course he closes it out with the special meter hit, and the switch flip ender.

If I am going to fault the kid on anything it would be that he didn’t use a Powerman 5000 song, but at the end of the day a perfectly forgettable beat is suitable accompaniment for the edit. Enough rambling, enjoy, happy monday, etc.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiZdH_L881U]

*not sick