SMLTalk Trivia Night

Alright, so last night we held the first SMLTalk Trivia Night. Thanks again to Orchard, Vans and PBR for hooking it up with the prizes, and to Erik Pickard (@edogpicky) for MCing and also for providing us with an incredible rendition of TK's quote from Baker 3. With that said, let's recap a few of the highlights. 1) Best name went to Some runners up included: Chad Fernandez, SSBSTS, and Laid & Paid Bosses.

2) In case you wanted to listen to the song from Ryan Sublette's part again ;^)

3) Here's the visual round card, let's go over a few things.


    a) This is Tony Silva. This is Tony DaSilva.

    b) Pat Channita and Gideon Choi don't look anything alike. Come on people.

    c) VX Lee explaining that he recognized JB Gillet by the arm and the watch was incredible.

4) The forgotten Jamie Thomas part.

5) Shout out to 93 Til Infinity, the winning team, for pretty much smoking everybody, having multiple perfect rounds, and also being a team of 3, aka less than the maximum allowed. Really impressive/terrifying how much people know about skateboarding.

6) Jonjoe had one complaint, and that was that there wasn't enough Biebel. We didn't really have a response, so here's an insanely weird Biebel photo compilation to try and help make up for it.

Thanks again to everybody who was there, and to Rob Collins for taking photos, see you next time!