"One More": A Deep Dive Into Persistence & Insanity

"One more". Perhaps the most common phrase in skateboarding. We've all heard it, and perhaps you yourself have even claimed it. But what does it mean? Does it mean that you will truly try the trick one final time before giving up? Absolutely not. 

After months of extensive research, SMLTalk has concluded that there has never been a recorded case of "one more" actually meaning that the person will be trying one more. In fact, as the number of "one more" claims, increases, the number of tries subsequently increases. 

Yeah I made a fuckin graph.

Note: This study does not include any "one mores" from professional skate videos. This is geared towards regular guys, trying to do/film regular tricks, that most likely have already been done before, just for the sake of personal satisfaction. 

Not to say that we don't enjoy watching Ragdoll completely disregard security guards for one more. 

But to get back on track -  clearly there is something that happens in the skateboarder's psyche that shifts. At we say this phrase as a sort of "I got this, man" kind of thing. Asking your friends to bear with you, because you're too deep in this shit now. 

The confidence is still high, and perhaps at this point, you actually do believe you can do the trick, and more audaciously, maybe you truly think you can do it the next try. 

But then you don't. Three more tries later you still haven't made it. Perhaps you're getting closer, or, and I would never wish this on my worst enemy, maybe you're getting further away. 

Regardless - there's no chance in hell you're stopping now because if you don't land it you've not only wasted everybody's time, but you've let yourself, and the skategods down. If you don't make this trick you will focus your board and quit. 

Maybe it's time to start concentrating more on work anyway.  


BUT NO. 10 tries go by. 15. 25.  At this point the boys start shouting out reckless claims like "I got you a beer on this one". Which we all know is just code for "please of the love of God land this so that we can get the FUCK out of here." 

"Alright man right here." 

Still no luck. 

"No seriously guys...this is the last one"


This is when it all hits the fan. You start acting like some sort of psychopathic maniac, claiming that every try is last try. You could have broken both of your ankles, but you'd still be trying the trick. 

As we know this story ends one of two ways. But this tale, my friends, isn't about the end. Much like the road of life it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. And our particular journey as skateboarders, is one of struggle, insanity, and perhaps in some cases perseverance. 

This is how we define ourselves. It's a characteristic that sets ourselves apart from the rest of the community. 


Still trying to take this in ^^^

So next time you're out there, asking yourself if you can do it, asking yourself if the filmer is even hitting the record button or if he's completely lost hope, I say...

...just give it one more. 


Cheers, and shout out to Tom Kruper for the inspiration.