A New Set of Motivational Posters for Your Office

So the other day for some reason I was just thinking about Jeremy Wray's ollie over the gap between the two water towers. You know the one. 

Then I realized that it's really not even that unusual that I'm thinking about this photo. I kind of think about it all the time. Is this a bad thing? I mean, would people judge me if I woke up every day and looked at this photo as some sort of inspiration to take on the day?

Then it dawned on me. No, I SHOULD be doing exactly that - and so should everybody else. 

Since the beginning of time, people have always looked to the dumbest shit for inspiration. I mean, look at every corporate office in America, what do you see? Some bullshit like this:


This makes me fucking sick. What does it mean, is this guy going to swim across the entire ocean? Go ahead bud, let me know how that goes. 

But you see this all the time - somebody in your office, whether it be your boss, your boss' boss, or some idiot HR person decided it would actually be worthwhile to buy one (or more) of these posters, and spend the extra $200 that could have easily gone straight into your paycheck, to get it framed and hung. 

Now I'm all fired up. Okay - back to the point. There's an easy solution to all of this. 

Boom. See, now this is something that actually makes sense. Jeremy Wray ACTUALLY ollied that gap. If this were hanging in front of me in my office you bet your ass I'd be coming in early and working overtime every day. 

After realizing that this could be a huge market to capitalize on, the SMLTalk team regrouped at HQ and put together a few more for you to bring to your next quarterly meeting. 

Grant done.jpg

And so on and so forth. To purchase any of these posters just right click 'save as' and buy us a beer next time you see us. 

Cheers -