2015 SMLTalk Awards Recap: A Whole Month Late

So as most of you are well aware by now, we were lucky enough to host the Second Annual SMLTalk Awards this past January at the Wonderbar, in Allston. Long story short, everything went off without a hitch. Short story longer, we premiered two local videos, handed out 7 awards, shook lots of hands, said what's up to a whole bunch of familiar faces, and somehow didn't burn the place down.

Of course, we had planned on recapping this event weeks ago, but as it goes, life happened and a whole bunch of stuff got in our way. We wanted to take the time now to personally thank everyone who came out to the event, have read our blog, or in any way back what we do - none of this would ever be possible without you, the scene here in Boston, or the overabundance of STUFF in Pat Duffy's pockets. This blog has and always will be something we do for fun, and we appreciate each and every one of you who have supported this little thing we got going on here.

Now, a month removed from the magic that was the SMLTalk SOTY Awards 2015 (even though it took place in 2016...whatever), lets recap all that unfolded that fateful night in Allston.

I. Video Premieres

0260 and Chinistix the Video go off without a hitch. A few notes:


-J. Cal might be the most reckless dude ever

-Music supervision was major-key

-Is Burke the gift that keeps on giving?

-Kruper curtains. Nothing like it

Chinistix the Video:

-Jesse Ciulla must have spent a lifetime editing this thing

-These dudes suffer just as much as they get completely ignorant

-Roasty? That boy VERY GOOD

-Dave and Donny skating to LCD pretty much made my life

A lovely showing from all.

II. Awards

MAJOR shoutout to Boston Skateboarder for snapping this pic of our hosts

MAJOR shoutout to Boston Skateboarder for snapping this pic of our hosts

We've waited all year for it. After months of heated debate, discovering Tommy Wisdom's craftsmanship is un-fuck-with-able, and internal dialogue, the winners were decided. Without further ado, we present to you this year's winners:

Legend crew right here.

Legend crew right here.

King of The Model: Steve House

Why? Dimepiece tatty-daddy

Spot Seeker: Tim Savage

Why? The Gem Video speaks for itself

Most Reckless Moment of the Year: Ariel Perl, overall instagram debauchery

Why? #apfamily takeover

Best Young Dude: Julien 'Roasty' Exantus

The kid just GETS IT

The kid just GETS IT

Why? Skates just as good as his attitude, and he skates real good.

Trick of the Year: Dillon Buss - Crooked grind in the Seaport

Why? How bout you crooked grind a waist-high semi-circle and ask me why.

Lifetime Achievement: Broderick Gumpright

Tears were shed.

SOTY: Andrew 'Squeeks' Whittier

Why? Most realest, best skating-est, nollie frontside heelflip nosegrind switch frontside heelflip out-est dude out

III. Regrettable Alcohol Consumption

After party at the Model? Of course. Things got wild, weird, and somehow didn't end in disaster...at least not until the following morning. I'll just leave a few photos here for reference.

Rojo busting out the ol' beerphone

Rojo busting out the ol' beerphone

Juice and Leland

Juice and Leland

And that's really all she wrote. Tommy Made the trophies, Humar and Pickard emcee'd the shit out of everything, Stiffler put the award videos together, and we tried not to die of brain aneurisms the entire time. All in all an incredible night, and psyched that from all I've heard, others seem to feel the same way.

We'd like to close with an ending, enormous thank you to Vans, Orchard, and Pabst Blue Ribbon (the holy trinity as far as we're concerned) for their immense, ongoing support which help us make these events so rad. Hope to see you all again next year!