The Fall of Fallen Footwear, A Brief Analysis

It came to our attention today that Jamie Thomas has decided to terminate Fallen Footwear. This is a sad thing.

The end of any era in skateboarding is often romanticized, as we as a community (and ourselves at SMLTalk are fully guilty) love to reminisce on better times and submerge ourselves in nostalgia. So when companies that have been around for a long time go under (e.g. Savier, eS… 88??) – we feel like we’ve lost an important piece of our culture. We tend to blame ourselves and ask, “how could we let this happen?”.

We fall into deep, dark depressions. We don’t talk to our families.

But when we come to our sense we realize that as the Lion King taught us, there’s the mother fucking circle of life. Everything comes to an end – sometimes things live a long and prosperous life, and other times they’re trampled by a bunch of fucking wildebeest.


Am I saying that Scar could be a symbolic representation of companies like Nike / Adidas / New Balance? I don’t know. Honestly I didn’t even expect to be talking about this movie - it just kind of happened. But wait – can we just reflect on how fucking awesome that opening scene is?


Anyway – the point here is that Fallen had been around for 13 fucking years. I personally never owned a pair, but there were people that did. I can’t name anyone specifically (to avoid defamation litigation) but there were DEFINITELY tons of skatepark heroes that loved those shoes. Honestly I seriously couldn’t tell you why. BUT THEY DID. And that’s important.

You see folks – we’re in an era where everybody is cool. It’s pretty damn easy to fit in – you just have to figure out which typeset you want to follow, and go along with the few main rules that govern their particular clothing choice / trick choice pattern.

Companies like Fallen represented a time when we weren’t so in tune or maybe didn’t really care about fashion – and fashion CERTAINLY did not give a fuck about skateboarding. So to see a company like this go away, even though many of us may have been too cool for them, is actually pretty sad. Ya know – like losing a part of the culture.

But to be honest the actual purpose of this article was to talk about how Jamie Thomas signs his letters.  


It really begs the question - does Jamie Thomas sign everything ‘Skate or Die’?

Emails to co-workers?

Birthday cards?


This is a mystery (pun intended) that we’re still trying to solve. Anyway - condolences to Jamie and cheers to him for seriously backing a lot of companies that had a significant impact on skateboarding throughout the years and have given us tons of insane memories.