17 Beautiful Moments in Skate Videos

When Filming, Editing, and Skating Come Together to Create The Perfect Moment

Why 17? No reason at all - just a bunch of monumental clips worth recognizing.


17) Ethan Fowler - That’s Life (ending sequence)

Ethan Fowler is nothing if not enigmatic - never really in the spotlight, yet always bringing something great to the table. Each one of his parts seems to have it’s own personality, but all fit perfectly to his style.

Ethan’s part in That’s Life is nothing short of classic (shoutout Josh Beagle) - skating to the Chambers Brothers (not expected but somehow fits), and really just a blend of some insane sketch, creative lines, and hammers.

His ending section in this part honestly couldn’t be better - everything culminates here and peaks at the back 360 in that fucking red leather jacket. Good lord it’s good.

16) Dana Ericson - The Raw Video (ending sequence)

Local pick here - have to pay some real respect to Lee Madden, low key genius. Obviously Dana provides some great material to work with here, but this Dana’s enders here are perfectly complemented by the piano -music choice is really spot on and makes for an impactful moment. Top notch stuff - rest of the video is A+ work as well, so go check that when you have a few (James Nickerson personal fav part).

15) Heath Kirchart - Sight Unseen (tailslide ender)

Did you think Heath wasn’t going to be on this list? This John Holland / Greg Hunt masterpiece might actually be the best Transworld video to date (will there ever be another good one? arguments welcome in the comments).

Anyhow - back to Heath. I mean it’s Heath skating to The Moody Blues. The fucking Moody Blues. Only Heath could pull it off. So rad - so gnarly, and this last clip is the dagger. I actually heard that they edited the end of the song so that the last piano chord hits when he lands. When you’re creating a moment, you do what you have to do. Beautiful.

14) Andrew Reynolds - Stay Gold (kickflip Davis gap)

There are plenty of moments with Reynolds, but I really think that this one is the best. Could be speaking for myself, but when Stay Gold came out I wasn’t really sure what to expect from him -was sort of a hope for the best / expect the worst sort of thing. I mean, he was 32 when it came out (think about that).

Obviously I was an idiot and it's possibly his best part. Probably could have included the last minute and a half of his part, but for brevity’s sake I wanted to keep it to the Davis gap because -wow. (but also considered the bs flip down Wallenberg as the song comes back in). Obvious shouts to Miner / Manzoori on this one - song is great and VERY 2010.

13) Danny Renaud - Mosaic (Delaware line)

This could probably be #1. Oh well - it is what it is. This line is so fucking good - Castrucci really nails it with the edit. This really is honestly my favorite moment in a skate video from a pure editing perspective, and the weird thing is that it’s not anything particular about it that makes it stand out (e.g. beats on all the tricks / etc), it just fits really well.

The drum fill as he turns past the bush is fucking wow though. Magical stuff.

12) Mike Carroll & Rick Howard - Mouse (intro)

Three is the magic number - Spike is the best to do it, ever.

11) Jason Lee - Way Out East! (tre flip ender)

Possibly an unpopular opinion here, but this one I really felt. This is also one of my favorite videos - Stereo’s Way Out East! came out in 2004 and all I wanted to do was skate like these guys.

This was also Jason Lee’s return to skateboarding after a close to 10 year hiatus. The tre flip and the way it lines up with the song switch is just really nice. Those jeans though- those are unforgivable.

10) Heath Kirchart - This Is Skateboarding (slam)

Did you think Heath wasn’t going to make this list twice?

My lord - watching this slam happen for the first time is just unsettling. Feels like he’s in the air for like 10 seconds. It is a perfect moment, though. The intro of the song builds up perfectly and basically asks for a slam - so you know Miner is gonna give it to you.

9) Tom Knox - Vase (ending sequence)

All the young people reading this (if there are any?) are probably thankful that there’s something on here from the past 5 years. So not only is the second half of Knox’s Vase part absolutely fucking insane - it’s really just perfectly crafted. I (obviously) love a part that’s edited to a slower, soulful song - but it’s because it’s typically pretty hard to pull off. The skating has to be good enough to do it justice.

This last section of the part just brings it all together, and you really have to love the exit into the tunnel. Jacob Harris proves himself with Vase, and obviously has built a reputation with Atlantic Drift since then.

8) Chris Milic - It’s a Secret (ending sequence)

The most fun dude to watch right now - I said it. Pretty much picked up where Louie left off.

Milic brings something new to skateboarding every time he drops footage. If you haven’t seen this part *please stop what you’re doing and go watch it*.

The kid skates to Prince, and we’re not talking dance-pop Prince, we’re talking make love with candle wax Prince. So tight. The second section of this part really comes in heavy, synthesizers climaxing straight to the end, and the fakie manny across the street is just long enough to build that suspense and break it. Turn around to tre flip as Immature kicks in - incredible, incredible ending sequence.

7) Marc Johnson - Fully Flared (nollie 540)

Arguably one of the best parts, and this last section is just straight hammers. Part of me always wishes that the ender was something else (had already been done by Daewon?), but that’s not the purpose of this article, and it’s an absolute classic either way.

This moment with the nollie 540 always just stands out, and just feels so good. Bring the old Ty back please.

6) PJ - Wonderful Horrible Life (ending line)

Nothing to say here that hasn’t been said before - Pulp.

5) Dylan Rieder - Gravis (segment)

Probably the heaviest of everything on this list - obviously with his passing. I will say that even before he passed, or when this part just came out even, this segment was absolutely pure. The powerslide pretty much straight into the bus is insane, and the impossible tailgrab really just stands out.

Something about the song, though, really makes this part touching when you rewatch it now - just feels like a tribute. Another Greg Hunt masterpiece here, RIP Dylan.

4) Heath Kirchart - Mind Field (intro 360s)

Ya I mean - fuck it, I could probably put more Heath on here, so sue me. This shit is straight up powerful, and he’s breaking all the rules. First 2 clips - filmed at a skatepark, and you know you love it. Damn this rules, that first back 3 nosegrab is absurd.

3) Daewon Song - Skate More (switch nose manual)

Love or hate Bloc Party as the song choice (personally love it) - the song ending with this switch nose manual coming in is awesome. Song wraps up about halfway through the nose manual, as Daewon inches further up the bank - really makes you feel every second that he’s keeping it going. Great moment when he brings it in, but the rick flip after just makes you laugh and wonder how he does it. Cherry on top. Shoutout Colin Kennedy on this one.

2) Rick Howard - Yeah Right! (ending sequence)

Let’s talk about how he lands the switch nose manny right as the bus crosses. Does anybody notice these things anymore? This is actually a perfect moment, you just see him through the bus. This whole section with the Death In Vegas / Mazzy Star song is just so good and really makes you feel something special. All of the older pros that you don’t typically see footage from, and most of them really came through (T Ferg especially).

This last section with Rick is definitely the standout, though, and the board break at the end is just perfectly edited. Bring the old Ty back (I’ll say it again).

1) Arto Saari - Sorry (ending sequence)

The ending of Sorry is an easy #1. Arto couldn’t have come through any stronger, and his last few tricks are absolute bangers (the bs flip over the river gap is one of the best clips all time). Fred Mortagne shoutout on this one - though correct me if somebody else filmed the river clip.

Many have used Bowie (and have had great parts skating to him), but this is the best fit. The way that the song wraps up, and the strings come in after the switch flip is art. One of those moments where this video is over and you’re absolutely satisfied. Not that you won’t go back and watch it again…