SMLTALK King of the Spine 2018

The first (and last) annual King of the Spine contest was held on November 10th 2018, and it was mayhem - it was really fucking cold, too. Big shoutout to Ted Purtell for filming / editing, and to Derek Hanlon for all photos seen below.

rob hall - fs bigspin pivot fakie

rob hall - fs bigspin pivot fakie

Burke came in with zero warm up time and laid out an absolute assault on the spine, landing what analysts are estimating to be ~315 tricks in 10 minutes - easily taking the number 1 spot after the first round, with Meatball as a close second (switch tre to tail was nasty).

Second round had Nivsy and Zak Pap as strong contenders with some nice blunt work - and Nate Dugan showing a strong presence as well (highly notable backside flip off the hip).

What became clear, however, is that Waino had an eye on the trophy. He tossed a quick fs bigspin in, and followed it up with a switch tre. He was warm.

bobby murphy - kickflip back tail

bobby murphy - kickflip back tail

Finally - the Big Air. The final event drew an unexpected and equally eclectic crowd. People were ready to launch. Eric Abo made an appearance hucking a bs 180 melon that could have cleared the rail... (cough cough). Jason Berry came through and absolutely fucked up this obstacle. Cannot be understated. Dugan also launched one of the best front shoves we've ever seen and stayed strong with a few solid tricks, but ultimately was beat out by Waino.

(scroll for more photos) Eric Abo, Nate Dugan, Jason Berry, Matty Richards, Ted Purtell, Rob Hall

"I don't think that it's actually physically possible", uttered an awestruck Dave Sullivan, as Waino immediately started attempting the hippy jump with full 100% commitment.

Waino inevitably did the unthinkable and stuck it - honestly pretty quickly all things considered (also shoutout Waino for doing that because it was getting really cold).

He took home the trophy and we all went to Biddy's for celebratory beers.

Waino Kaihlenen - hippy jump

Waino Kaihlenen - hippy jump


Film / Edit by Thomas Purtell

Photos: Derek Hanlon

Skaters (or at least most of them) in order of appearance (in video):

Rob Hall
Jeff Burke
Isaac Hendrickson
Alex Nivison
Nate Dugan
Zak Pap
Rey Tapley 
Bobby Murphy
Dave Sullivan
Waino Kaihlenen
Zack Brescia 
Eric Abo
Jason Berry
Connor Noll