SMLTalk Feature & Review: 'MEMO' by Ethan Giorgetti

Ethan Giorgetti has proven himself to be a staple in the CT / MA scene - with his 4th full length, and direct follow-up to 'Soft', which was released last year in 2017. Memo demonstrates Ethan's growth as a filmer and producer with refined filming, editing, and smart music supervision.

The video starts with Brett Desrosiers, a native of Webster, MA. Great opening part. The part is set to Duster, which works perfectly - raw, but polished. Brett's skating is solid - clearly authentic in an age of skaters who exaggerate style. Trick / spot selection is A+ as well - serving as a great accompaniment. At parts perhaps even 'Cromer-esque'. Really great part and works as an outstanding opener.

2nd part is Alex Nivison (Nivsy). What the hell are those pants man, come on. I love Alex and have known him a long time, so this is a bit biased, but I'll try and be objective. It's really awesome to see the youth progress - when somebody that you watched grow up becomes better than you, half of your heart sinks, but in turn is filled with pride. The qualm I have with this part is that (especially the first half) has some filler / clips that aren't up to full potential. 2nd half is sick, with expected creativity, trick selection, clean backside bigspins, and better outfits. Love you Niv.

Friends section has new Louis Amodio footage, that's pretty much all you need to know.

Justin Koziol is next. This dude has been on the scene for a while now and this is probably the best footage I've seen. Super clean with good trick selection. Notable line is the boardslide nollie out, fs board nollie out back to back. Super sick. Really enjoyed this part, again with great song accompaniment. This video does a really good job of flowing together both in terms of filming / editing, as well as the lineup & as I'd mentioned before - song selections. Solid.

Last part looks like it's going to Connor Noll. If you're not familiar with Connor - he's really fucking good. He's one of those kids you hate because they're really good. Incredibly trendy, but has undeniable talent and hucks down rails so you can't hate too much. For kids of the new generation - this will be the take-away part. For members of the 30+ club - you'll probably lean towards Brett Desrosiers. The thing I will say for Connor is that he consistently puts new twists on old spots (with actually hard tricks) - and even with an angry old man view on the world, you have to respect it. Plus he's a nice kid. Ender is pretty fucked.

All in all this is undoubtedly Ethan's best video - if you skate in MA / CT it's absolutely worth checking out, if nothing more than to see new spots & feel or to feel bad about your skating.