A Look Back: Six Newell


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5fXveI-jD8]

Just to be clear this is not a VHS Review because, well, not a VHS. There are some videos out there that just aren’t really like the rest. Your Chomps, Tent City’s, Man Downs, etc. etc. I would put Six Newell in this category. A video with high re-watch value because it not only gives you great skating, but also makes you feel like you’re part of the crew, and SMLTalk staff felt that this deserved to be recognized.

A brief history lesson - Six Newell is the house in San Francisco where this crew lived (it’s the address) The crew consisted of Nate Jones, Matt Milligan, John Barker, Elissa Steamer, Dave Duren, Frank Gerwer, and Peter Ramondetta. Though most of the crew were well-known in the industry, they still felt like the unsung heroes of SF, the ones who really held it down while everyone else was just there for a second to film a hammer. They were legit, and you could tell by the friends section. Everybody wanted a clip, even Ocean Howell, but we’ll get to that later.

A few things to note about this video before we dive in:

  1. Contender for best #spotmodification in a video.
  2. Contender for most pick-up-your-board-and-run-up-stairs in a video.
  3. Rare case of the skating carrying the soundtrack, rather than the other way around.
  4. No names to tell you who is skating. If you can’t tell by the face, you should know by the style.
  5. Nate Jones might have the best backside flip of all time.
  6. Ocean Howell.

Nate Jones

Pop up count 1

Alright, first part, Nate Jones.  King of backside. Back tails, back 180’s, backside noseslides, backside flips, SWITCH backside flips. Specifically wanna talk about this line where he is wearing the long sleeve under the short sleeve. Damn that is the most 2004 look right there. Okay, this part is 99% smooth lines, but in one line Nate just randomly hucks an insane backside 180 down what looks like a 40 stair, washes out back to regular and calls it a day. Fucked. Nate is the first to pop his board up and throw a trick down a set, but I assure you, he will not be the last. I don’t know how long this fence spot was there for, but that back tail is insane. This is the fence where Gonz had the Thrasher cover where they claimed it as a 5-0, but you could tell he was just popping out of a 50-50. That’s what I love about skateboarding, how fucking stupid it is.

Nate Jones

Matt Milligan

Pop up count 2

Okay so here’s the thing. I don’t know who picked the song for this dude (probably him) but I can’t even tell you how mad it makes me. It sounds like when you leave a video game paused or on the opening screen and some dumb fucking beat just loops. Over and over and over. Luckily for the jackass who wrote this song (probably him), Matt’s part is actually really good. He has a killer frontside noseslide, puts a new spin (pun intended) on the pop your board up and run up the stairs, and does possibly the most gangster varial flip noseslide on a ledge. Hood up baby. This part also introduces us to the most insane spot modification ever, at the three up three down in SF. Yes, they turned it into a hip. Last thing I wanna say about Matt Milligan is that he does his frontside bigspins like a front shove revert, something that was only acceptable in 2004. Not before, not after. Strictly in the year of 2004.

Spot modification

Random clip of drunk Dollin? Sure, throw it in the video. Random super 8? Sureee, throw it in the video.

John Barker

Pop up count 3

The best part about John Barker’s part is that this is basically his skate career right here. He has a really good switch flip, skates to a crappy song, and has nice hair. That’s the beauty of this video, though, it’s not about the skating, it’s about the lifestyle, brah. But seriously –

Elissa Steamer


Elissa is such a fucking G. Boss switch frontside noseslide, hand completely on the ledge. Love it. There’s nothing quite like having a clip of a hill bomb where the filmer passes you. In all seriousness, though, her part is dope. Gotta love quick 180 up switch flip down.

Friends section

Okay so this probably a runner up for best friend sections all time. Heavy hitters in this one. Pete Eldridge, Ernie Torres, VAN WASTELL (RIP), Keith Huf, Darrell, many others, and, the one and only Ocean Howell (SOTY15).

I really just want to talk about Ocean’s clips in this.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5fXveI-jD8#t=933]

^^ Ocean's part at 15:05 ^^

He seriously sent in a solid 45 seconds of footage, which really could’ve (should’ve) been its own part. The one line in Barcelona could be the takeaway from this video. Front 5-0, then backside 270 to tail, back to fakie. Look – at – the – arms - folks. He sold 5,000 pairs of iPaths with that section.

Moving along through the friends section we see some Matt Field footage. Then all of a sudden Matt got really good. Long backside 50-50 on a ledge, pop out super nice. Front tail HUGE pop to fakie, then a giant fakie flip. Wait. No. That was Reese Forbes. Sorry Matt, not sure why they put Reese’s clips right after yours but damn. Tim O’ Connor’s clips are gold and Omar’s ender is insane.


Dave Duran

Pop up count 4

If anybody didn’t fit in this video it’s this dude. Knocks the tooth out of a homeless dude. Skates to a song that was used in a 411. Has kind of a weird style. Sets up a shopping cart at the 3 up 3 down #spotmodification. Insane switch mongo. I’m hating too much on this  guy. He is roasting varial flips and actually does one of the better front 5-0 bs shove out mid-ledge I’ve seen. Damn another varial flip. Fakie varial flip. Damn this guy is on another level.  One more board pop up  for good measure, back three down the set this time. Yes.

Pop up count 5



Come on. Has there ever been a bad Gerwer part? This dude was the first to kickflip Wallenberg. Whenever I think about that I always feel like he was underqualified for it, but in reality, he’s just a fucking madman and I love him. Okay pop up the board, backside flip down the set. What’s the count on that? Damnit, Mohawk Gerwer was the best. This part is just a reminder that he can do it all. Switch tre? Yup. Straight no comply before all you trend babies were even born? You know it.

Pop up count 6

“aint no woman like the one I got – French toast can make it bettah” – Frank Gerwer


Peter Ramondetta

The king of the nose manual nollie flip out at his prime. The thing about Ramondetta is that he was no bullshit. Everybody is popping their boards up and walking up the stairs to skate down the second set. Ramondetta’s not about that. Instead, he gets a piece of plywood to make a euro gap up the first set. Daddy don’t fux with no board pop ups. Oh sheeeeeeet we got a Boston spot. Government center double set, uh yeah, Ramondetta pop shoved that shit. I swear all of these random party clips scattered throughout the video are just Gerwer. I feel like Gerwer was just at the house all the time partying whether or not there were other people there. Getting towards the end of the part Ramondetta does the unthinkable. I actually had to re-watch to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. He does a flatground nollie bs shove. No pop. Yes, boys and girls, if you put your heart and soul into it, you too can go pro. Just kidding, because in reality this dude is a boss, and you are not.



Well, that’s it, show’s over. Roll some more random super 8 with an artsy instrumental song. The most Photosynthesis-inspired credits section of all time. The weird thing about this credits section, though, is that it’s not even a credits section. It’s just random clips, and instead of rolling the names now they wait and do it afterwards, with a black screen, so that you definitely don’t watch it. But if you do, you will find the most typos/misspellings. Here are some for your enjoyment:

“Matt Fields”

“Van Wastel”

“Omar Salizar”

“Denis Busenitz” (how on earth do you spell the first name wrong, but get the last name correct?)

“editied by”

Alright so what'd we leave off at for the pop up count? Wait. No fucking way. 6? Like...6 Newell...coincidence? I'll leave that one up to you.