The Phil Michael McCormick Lost Part

Formerly @yoomylifeiscrazy and currently residing @sweetdaddysledgehammer, Phil McCormick is one of my favorite skateboarders and more importantly, one of my favorite humans. Phil may be one of the rarest "on camera" skateboarders, having the rare ability to show up to a spot and do whatever he wants on his skateboard in a matter of tries. And you would think after watching him drink 14 beers that this would deter him from something like this the next day, but you would be sorely mistaken. Nolan Fonda, a dear friend and associate of the Holyoke Bowl, has sent us four minutes of unseen Phil McCormick footage. Split between his last year in Masschusetts and his first year in San Francisco, the Phil part is representative of what skating with him is actually like: an impromptu switch boneless mid line, several tricks at one spot, flatground pop shove it, etc. We hope you enjoy this part as much as we did. Cheers, Philly!


Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends February

Guys, it's March. I don't know how it happened but we pretty much breezed through this winter, mostly void of snow and seasonal depression. Part of this edit's length is due to clips submitted while our pals were on vacation, though the amount of skating we were able to do in Masachusetts during the month of February is pretty incredible. On top of some semi decent skating, there's the usual Steve House dance demo, Rondo stands in fire, and even a clip or two of pro's Robbie Russo and Tom Remillard crushing. March means spring so we will check back with Frankie next season! Cheers!


Steve Hamblin’s Hobo Hangout 2016

Let me paint you a picture of the Northeast in the middle of February; miserably cold, dark and grey. How do you beat the winter blues around here? Gather up the boys for a heavy indoor sesh, some grillables, tons of brews and a ripping barrel fire. Stevie got everyone together this cold Saturday afternoon for the first annual "Hobo Hangout", and here is a glimpse into the afternoon we had. Spring is getting closer guys n' dolls. See ya out there soon.


- Stiffler


Big shout out to Pop Allston - if you're interested in skating indoors this winter, give a quick $5 or $10 or $1,000 donation to Pop here:


Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends January

January has come and gone and with that, another Fun With Friends has emerged. This being the harshest month of the winter thus far, you'll notice a fair amount of POP Allston usage, as well as a high percentage of dancing/drinking footage post Awards (full recap coming soon, we promise). With some luck, we'll continue the end-of-the-edit trend of skating outdoors in just a t-shirt, keep your fingers crossed people, we only have one month to go until spring. And that is just about the next time we'll be hearing from Frankie, so we'll see you then! Cheers, ya'll.


Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends December

Happy New Year, everyone! We're sorry for the lack of updates, SML HQ has been tirelessly planning our event, which I'm sure you're all attending this Saturday, January 9th, 7-9 pm at Wonderbar...anyway, Frankie has blessed our very cold start to the new year with this heart warming recap of December. Lots of familiar faces and old friends back for the holidays as well as a cameo from our new favorite friend, Stiffler's Six Foot Bong! So please, let us all revisit the last month and as always, Frankie will check back in in February. Cheers!

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends November

Do I even have to write anything up for these anymore? It's now December, which means Frankie's monthly recap for November is up and running. Parties, dancing, skating, and even some cameos from the Vans team. Frankie's next FWF premieres NEXT YEAR. See ya'll then. Cheers.