Neutral Company x Materiel x NYC G.S.D. 2015

Our good friends over at the Neutral Company linked up with our buddies out in NYC a couple weeks ago for Go Skateboarding Day and made this fun little edit for us to post on the site. Lots of familiar faces ripping throughout, though the best clip might be of Dana skating transition. Be sure to follow Neutral (@neutralcompany) as well as Materiel (@materielsupply), lots of good things coming from both crews...enjoy! 

NEUTRAL NYC Go Skate Weekend 2015 from Neutral Company on Vimeo.

A Love Letter to Skateboarding: A Mike Laybold Feature

Renowned videographer and Boston native, Mike Laybold, put together this edit of heavy hitters from the Austin, TX area for No Comply Skateshop. If you keep your eyes peeled you might recognize some familiar faces (who was that guy in the tank top?). The lineup includes: Anthony Hunter, Grant Jensen, James Perry, Dylan Roy, JB Garcia, Chandler Williamson, Wes Chmeilowski, Ed Watts, Joey Giambalvo, Justin Callahan, Chris Batts, Calvin Millar, Dharam Khalsa, Justin Williamson, Bill Pierce, Carter Lewis, Brandon Ziskind and Max Taylor.

Filmed and edited by Mike Laybold


SMLTalk x Orchard Skateshop Present: Frankie HD!


He's the reigning King of the Model, the current Step Dad of the Year, and probably looks the closest to Kurt Cobain of anyone walking this earth: Mr. Frankie "Laid and Paid" Nash. With a little help from Mr. Tin Tran and our friends over at Orchard, we have gathered all of Frank's recent HD footage and put it into a nice little video for you to enjoy. So without further ado, SMLTalk and Orchard Skateshop are proud to present Frankie Nash, in stunning HD!