Dad Clothing x SMLTalk Present: The Six Footers and Good Ones Tour

If you were alive in the Northeast last week you may have noticed that the temperature change was, per usual, quite dramatic. From 70 degrees to mid-30's in the matter of 48 hours, I don't think we need to deny whats coming. An inconvenient truth, if you will. Thanks to the internet however, we can still pretend it's warm, and bathe in the faux rays of our computer screens. Much of the illustrious Dad Clothing crew took a summer trip down to Philadelphia and has here the official tour video documenting the trip. I'll let our Staff HD Videographer, Ryan Stiffler, tell the story:

"Ah, the tour video. Who hasn’t seen one they genuinely don’t like? From Harsh Euro Barge, to Hot Chocolate, and all of the KOTR offerings, there is always a special feeling associated with a group of friends hitting the road and feeling out of their own element in a city completely foreign to them. Though this was more of a weekend trip out of town, the tour moniker is fully stamped onto this offering from Dad Clothing. We set out in late August for one last taste of summer fun, in pursuit of great spots, cold beer, and good times. Safe to say we found what we were looking for in the 'Sunshine State.' Special thanks to SMLTALK for hosting this video and the 1997 Buick LeSabre that didn't survive life post-tour, and anyone else who was involved. Enjoy!"