Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends May

We're sorry for the slight delay on this, June's wonderful and already oppressive heat snuck up on us and we've been doing the best we can at soaking up as much of that early summer sun as we can. Recapping the final month of spring, Frankie's latest FWF installment is just a taste of good times to come now that the warm months are here to stay. We will check back with Frankie come July, cheers!


Frankie Nash in "Gem"

Given all his time spent playing iphone videographer for our website, it's almost easy to forget that Frankie Nash spends a decent amount of time on the other side of the camera lens. He's got a plethora of video parts under his belt already and he hasn't showed any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Tim Savage was kind of enough to allow us to host Frankie's part from his recent video "Gem", which you should buy, because the video is good. To do this, go to this link for the hardcopy, or this link for the download. Enjoy :)

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends April

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May showers.....what's that??? That's not how the saying goes at all? It's supposed to be nice out? Sun? Sun who???

Honestly man, if it weren't for Frankie's tireless iPhone edit output, I would have easily thrown myself out the god damn window by now. Thankfully, a new month is here, which also means a new FWF. Check out the April edit now and helplessly wonder when you'll maybe be able to skate for even a little bit next. Spoiler alert: it could be weeks from now.

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends January

January has come and gone and with that, another Fun With Friends has emerged. This being the harshest month of the winter thus far, you'll notice a fair amount of POP Allston usage, as well as a high percentage of dancing/drinking footage post Awards (full recap coming soon, we promise). With some luck, we'll continue the end-of-the-edit trend of skating outdoors in just a t-shirt, keep your fingers crossed people, we only have one month to go until spring. And that is just about the next time we'll be hearing from Frankie, so we'll see you then! Cheers, ya'll.


Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends December

Happy New Year, everyone! We're sorry for the lack of updates, SML HQ has been tirelessly planning our event, which I'm sure you're all attending this Saturday, January 9th, 7-9 pm at Wonderbar...anyway, Frankie has blessed our very cold start to the new year with this heart warming recap of December. Lots of familiar faces and old friends back for the holidays as well as a cameo from our new favorite friend, Stiffler's Six Foot Bong! So please, let us all revisit the last month and as always, Frankie will check back in in February. Cheers!

Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends November

Do I even have to write anything up for these anymore? It's now December, which means Frankie's monthly recap for November is up and running. Parties, dancing, skating, and even some cameos from the Vans team. Frankie's next FWF premieres NEXT YEAR. See ya'll then. Cheers.


Frankie Nash Presents: Fun With Friends October

A new month means a new FWF. Our staff iphone videographer, Frankie Nash, has put together yet another 'imasterpiece', capturing the lives and drinking habits of our good friends. I want to give a special shout out to SMLTalk's 2014 SOTY, Jeff Burke, for single handedly shutting the Little Scobie manual pad down because as they say, once a SOTY, always a SOTY. Much sooner rather than much later, we'll have Frankie's previous installments filed on our video page, they're still hiding in our archives (sorry). Cheers everybody, FWF will return in December.