The Holyoke Bowl w/ Small Paul and Friends

Don't think because of our location here on the coast of Massachusetts that we care not for our skate brethern of Western Mass...quite the opposite actually. A small crew from the town of Holyoke, barely 15 minutes outside of Springfield, was able to rent out a space where they built this beautiful wooden bowl. My good friend Nolan Fonda has been capturing some of the madness that's been going on out there and sent over a little edit he made with footage from the last couple of weeks. This is just a friendly reminder that if you and your friends want to make something like this happen, you can. Be organized, be committed, and you too can have a key to your own private TF, though it's unlikely your friends will ever be as cool/rip as hard as Small Paul does.

Featuring: Paul Collins, Mikey Lynch, Nate Plumb, Beans Bonsall, and Andy McQuade

Filmed and Edited By: Nolan Fonda