Fattrax Presents: Sultans of Salt

The Holyoke Bowl Boys are back and this time they're out in the streets! Well, they're out on the streets most of the time. Fattrax's newest video managed to squeeze a special skate section in the middle of it, filmed by our chillest friend Nolan Fonda (@nolan_likes_chilling) and edited by Greg Rooke (instagram handle, unknown). Next time you see Nolan in town, be sure to buy him a beer, or better yet a water, because I'm sure by the time you see him he's had plenty of beer and I'm gonna have to babysit his ass. Cheers, dudes!

The Phil Michael McCormick Lost Part

Formerly @yoomylifeiscrazy and currently residing @sweetdaddysledgehammer, Phil McCormick is one of my favorite skateboarders and more importantly, one of my favorite humans. Phil may be one of the rarest "on camera" skateboarders, having the rare ability to show up to a spot and do whatever he wants on his skateboard in a matter of tries. And you would think after watching him drink 14 beers that this would deter him from something like this the next day, but you would be sorely mistaken. Nolan Fonda, a dear friend and associate of the Holyoke Bowl, has sent us four minutes of unseen Phil McCormick footage. Split between his last year in Masschusetts and his first year in San Francisco, the Phil part is representative of what skating with him is actually like: an impromptu switch boneless mid line, several tricks at one spot, flatground pop shove it, etc. We hope you enjoy this part as much as we did. Cheers, Philly!


The Holyoke Bowl w/ Small Paul and Friends

Don't think because of our location here on the coast of Massachusetts that we care not for our skate brethern of Western Mass...quite the opposite actually. A small crew from the town of Holyoke, barely 15 minutes outside of Springfield, was able to rent out a space where they built this beautiful wooden bowl. My good friend Nolan Fonda has been capturing some of the madness that's been going on out there and sent over a little edit he made with footage from the last couple of weeks. This is just a friendly reminder that if you and your friends want to make something like this happen, you can. Be organized, be committed, and you too can have a key to your own private TF, though it's unlikely your friends will ever be as cool/rip as hard as Small Paul does.

Featuring: Paul Collins, Mikey Lynch, Nate Plumb, Beans Bonsall, and Andy McQuade

Filmed and Edited By: Nolan Fonda