The Phil Michael McCormick Lost Part

Formerly @yoomylifeiscrazy and currently residing @sweetdaddysledgehammer, Phil McCormick is one of my favorite skateboarders and more importantly, one of my favorite humans. Phil may be one of the rarest "on camera" skateboarders, having the rare ability to show up to a spot and do whatever he wants on his skateboard in a matter of tries. And you would think after watching him drink 14 beers that this would deter him from something like this the next day, but you would be sorely mistaken. Nolan Fonda, a dear friend and associate of the Holyoke Bowl, has sent us four minutes of unseen Phil McCormick footage. Split between his last year in Masschusetts and his first year in San Francisco, the Phil part is representative of what skating with him is actually like: an impromptu switch boneless mid line, several tricks at one spot, flatground pop shove it, etc. We hope you enjoy this part as much as we did. Cheers, Philly!