Picky's Picks Vol. 9: Tony Hawk, Sync (2014)


Tony HawkSync- 2014

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbZ5odFIs4&w=560&h=315]

We all know that skating by yourself doesn't even compare to skating with your friends. Tony doesn't just skate with his friends, he plays 2-player mode and kills it. With a mile long list of goddamn legends skating along side Mr. Hawk, this part is beyond impressive. I probably watched the Lance Mountain clip 75 times and I'm not sure that was enough. So next time you're out skating with your pals keep this video in mind, and don't try anything you saw here. You and your friend will both die, you're not qualified.


Picky's Picks Vol. 8: Dan Pappas, "The Better Life" (2006)


Dan PappasThe Better Life. 2006

Dan is one of the most naturally talented people I've ever seen on a skateboard in my entire life. Top notch style, trick selection, and I should probably mention that he's only 14 in this part. This was a guy destined to be "your favorite pro's favorite pro". However, due to injuries he now tickles the ivory on cruise ships which he probably does better than anyone else, as well. Rumor has it he filmed his ender for an ice cream! (ah, to be young again). Just watch the part and be jealous you'll never have a switch three flip like this dude!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGjeci3_SoE]

Picky's Picks Vol. 7: BATB


We asked Pickard to pick a winner for us, and though it might not be congruent with some other picks we've made on our bracket, this is his little segment and Picky's allowed to pick whoever Picky picks...pick. And that's not to say he made a bad choice by any means, though based on many of the submitted brackets that I've seen, there is a clear favorite in our scene and he's the favorite for a very good reason (it's Dana). So with that said, I'll let Pickard get to picking and regardless of who wins or loses, who actually cares, this is one of the best events in the city and is always a great way to bring everyone together. So congratulations and good luck to all those skating in the event and a special thank you to Orchard, Pabst, and Converse for making this an annual thing. See you all tomorrow! -SMLTalk Staff

With Battle at the Barrics just one day away, one question is on everybody's mind: Who will take the title this year? With an event like BATB it really could be any of the 16 competitors...well probably not myself. Have you seen these other dudes skate? I'm fucked! Regardless, the fine gentlemen at SMLTalk have asked me to choose a BATB champion, and I have to say, I'm team #BabyDave all day!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNKTEIzEc0o&w=420&h=315]


Orchard Battle at the Barrics: Participant Overview/Analysis pt. 2


Continuing our week dedicated to Sunday's Battle at the Barrics 3 contest, we have below our predictions and analyses for the "East" bracket. Our predicted winner will then be announced on Saturday, rounding out our bracket (much of which we left up in the air because three people doing one bracket was bound to be difficult). Don't forget, it's 3:00 p.m. at North Star Bar across from the Garden and we'll see ya'll there!


Participant: Eric Dasaro

Riding For: Orchard Skateshop

Strengths: Speed, pop, fresh line ups.

Weaknesses: Ceilings may be too low for Eric to properly pop shove it.

Notable Achievement: Last part in Stone Soup, fakie frontside heelflip noseslide at MFA ledges (RIP, kinda)

Predicted Placing: Will win first round, predicting an incredible match against Comini in quarter finals.


Participant: Erik Pickard

Riding For: Orchard Skateshop (but secretly smltalk.com)

Strengths: Drinking beer, doing tricks that no one else can do.

Weaknesses: Free beer, “chicks with sweet butts”

Notable Achievement: Once called out by Dane Burman on instagram for “bad form” on a no grab benihana, back foot casper flips.

Predicted Placing: First round loss to Dasaro :(


Participant: Eddie Comini

Riding For: Theory

Strengths: Former competitive yo-yo-er

Weaknesses: Alcohol, extreme height

Notable Achievement: 4 ½ foot half cab flip, ability to kick a beer can off of Burke’s head

Predicted Placing: Goes against Dasaro in quarter finals. No idea who wins that.


Participant: Dave Begonis

Riding For: Eastern Boarder

Strengths: Being one of the most likeable people on Earth, Smoking more weed than humanly possible, Malden Park Spine.

Weaknesses: See above strength

Notable Achievement: nollie big spin Melrose 12, back 5-0 front 180 the electrical box at Tootsie Roll ledge, once smoked a blunt containing over one ounce worth of pot in one sitting.

Predicted Placing: Will lose to Comini first round.


Participant: Nnamdi Ihenetu

Riding For: Eggs

Strengths: Raised by Hyde Park Skatepark, hardflips both ways, switch frontside heels, Drake.

Weaknesses: Nollie 540 inward heelflips...can anyone really be prepared for something like that?

Notable Achievement: Switch hardflip late frontside 180 on flat, kickflip that set along Storrow is bonkers.

Predicted Placing: Going to be very close, whoever wins will likely beat Burke though. ;)


Participant: Jason Ross

Riding For: Max Hesh

Strengths: Lives next to North Shore TF “The Market Skatepark”, is used to skating wooden floors (he will not be rusty). Has been known to bust out a double heelflip or two if he has to.

Weaknesses: Too many tricks to choose from → Mental breakdown???

Notable Achievement: Once skated to “She Blinded Me With Science”

Predicted Placing: See Nnamdi’s predicted placing.


Participant: Jeff Burke

Riding For: Theory

Strengths: A tactical player, Jeff Burke approaches each game intuitively with the poise and consistency to support his strategy.

Weaknesses: Tre flips (sorry Jeff).

Notable Achievement: SMLTalk SOTY14, put out ~36 parts last year, one of the fastest flipping varial heels in history.

Predicted Placing: Losing to winner of Nnamdi/J-Ro's match.


Participant: Ariel Perl

Riding For: Concepts

Strengths: Legend status, “The Ariel Twirl”

Weaknesses: Dirty water swimming.

Notable Achievement: Switch pop shove nosegrind fakie bigspin out, multiple plunges into Boston Harbor.

Predicted Placing: After what may perhaps be the most entertaining game of the entire bracket, Ariel will ultimately lose to Burke. It’ll be an insane game though, full tallboys encouraged for that match up.

Picky to be announcing our predicted winner tomorrow! And if you haven’t done so there’s still time to fill out and submit a bracket of your own...


Orchard Battle at the Barrics: Participant Overview/Analysis


Well everyone, it's that time year again. The 3rd annual Battle at the Barrics event is going down this Sunday, March 15th, at the North Star Bar and we here at the SMLTalk HQ could not be more excited. There is not an event in the city that means more to Boston skateboarders than this one. With flatground and ledge skating as the undisputed lifeblood of our skate scene, you would be hard pressed to find an honor higher than being the BATB champion. Even being considered for the competition is quite flattering, though it has been known to cause some sleepless nights for skaters terrified of duffing the obligatory first kickflip in front of all their friends, a moment they will surely never live down (right Eddie? ;) ). All that being said, we have very high hopes for this year's competition (besides Rojo) and we have a feeling this year will be the best yet for BATB. We're so excited in fact, we're dedicating this whole week to BATB analysis and predictions, starting first with skaters from the "West" bracket. Feel free to use this information in filling out your own bracket's or don't, because we're honestly not that well informed. Regardless of what happens, we're stoked for everyone that's competing this year and this stands as a small reminder as to why supporting your local skateshop is always so important: local shops do rad shit...duh.

Anyway, let the wild speculation begin, and we will announce our predicted winner this Friday! Good luck to everybody involved! (this excludes Rojo, he's totally fucked, and we're not willing to blow our bracket just 'cause he's skating for us.)


Participant: Rob "RoJo" Ridge

Riding For: smltalk.com

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: Anxiety, food, doesn’t skate much

Notable Achievements: Kinda landed a switch hardflip once, can eat a whole pizza by himself in one sitting.

Predicted Placing: Dead Last

wisdom brothers

Participant: John Wisdom

Riding For: Concepts

Strengths: Can do pretty much every trick possible.

Weaknesses: They're all strengths too.

Notable Achievements: Switch tre flip noseslide, also recent line at Navy Yard is beyond comprehension.

Predicted Placing: Eliminated by Delaney in 2nd round


Participant: Brian Delaney

Riding For: RAW

Strengths: ‘Most Likely to be Seen at Eggs’ 2014

Weaknesses: “you know you’re high when you lose your phone” - Brian Delaney

Notable Achievements: Backside tailslide while drinking a Dunks hot coffee, varial heelflip nosegrind.

Predicted Placing: Eliminated by Dana in Semi-finals

J cal

Participant: Justin Callahan

Riding For: Pueblo 2012

Strengths: Skated to “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac in Palomar II

Weaknesses: Secretly hoping there will be a flatbar.

Notable Achievement: Filmed a part entirely in camo pants/fleece lined jeans, fakie ollie switch front blunt JP Park flatbar.

Predicted Placing: Eliminated by Delaney in the first round


Participant: Andrew Whittier

Riding For: Squeaks

Strengths: Always hyped, rolls good spliffs, switch pop shove its.

Weaknesses: But is he too nice?

Notable Achievements: Nollie frontside 180 switch 5-0 switch backside big spin out (wow), switch heelflip frontside 5-0.

Predicted Placing: Honestly too close to call.

Shawn mac

Participant: Shawn Macmillan

Riding For: Corner Store

Strengths: Style, backside flips, trick selection

Weaknesses: No bump to bars in BATB ;)

Notable Achievements: Hardflip at Metals is honestly so fucked, all Eggs Report footage is gold.

Predicted Placing: As noted above, this is going to be one of the best games of this bracket so we're unfortunately unable to make a prediction at this time.


Participant: Dana Ericson

Riding For: RAW

Strengths: BATB 1 winner, BATB 2 finalist, one of the best skateboarders alive.

Weaknesses: Feels imprisoned by pants, could skate better in jean shorts.

Notable Achievement: Fakie tre switch backside tailslide, switch tre frontside tailslide, the list goes on.

Predicted Placing: Will reach finals.


Participant: Curt Daley

Riding For: Concepts

Strengths: You saw that Transworld Check Out right?

Weaknesses: Playing Dana first game (will be best game of entire bracket tho).

Notable Achievement: Once STARTED a line out at Eggs with a kickflip backside noseblunt. Switch backside tailslide gap to barrier, ollie by Biddy's is absolutely insane

Predicted Placing: Knocked out first round by Dana (basing this off Dana's winning legacy in this contest, going to be a VERY good game.)

So there you have it, the official SMLtalk West bracket. East coming Thursday.

Have you filled out yours?


Palomar: The 0260 Tour

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=087NMAmVSZI] An iPhone Tour Video by Dave Lewis, featuring:

Alex Nivison, Brian Leff, Ali Atmaca, Danny Falla, Chris Keiley, Kevin Emerson, Tim Jarman, Rob Collins, Paul Collins, Bobby Murphy, Aaron Randi, Mukasa Muburimusoke, Mike Laybold and Friends, Scott Stevens, Frank Elizondo, Dean Yoramitzu, Tim Oliver, Matt Lane, Sean Brooks, Evan Oppedisano, Leland Taylor and Friends, Dave Sullivan, Alek Zalewski, Bill Ryan, Neil O'Brien, Brent Eastman, Justin Callahan, Ryan Stiffler, Jeff Burke, Tom Kruper, Pat Donfro, Rob Hall, Steve Hamblin, Erik Pickard, Rob Ridge, Ray Trotta, Chris Botsch, Phil McCormick, Booger Boyz, Jon Harrington Dave Lewis, Jeremy Vito Ramirez, Isaac Hendrickson and Michael Chew.

Special thank you to everybody who donated clips, Justin Callahan for graphics assistance, and to Michael Chew for general, daily inspiration, and for pioneering Palomar.