Backside Smith

For some reason the backside smith was that trick for me. Other tricks may be harder, and almost any trick can look good if done by the right person, but something about the backside smith is just aesthetically on another level for me. Image

Jay Raboin

Jay was the first person I had ever seen do a back smith in real life. I was maybe 14 or 15, going to the local indoor park in Connecticut, where I am from. At that time skateboarding wasn't as popular, and there was a different level of respect for the older dudes because the community was so much smaller. You couldn't work your way around it, either you were accepted by the guys who ripped, or you were an outsider. Jay was the guy who owned the ramp. Every trick just looked right. Every air to tail smack. Jay was the only guy doing back smiths. He was the speed of Wade Speyer meets the finesse of Mike Carroll.


Mike Carroll

After I had seen Jay do them, I started to look for them. I remember seeing Carroll do them in Yeah Right! Something about the way he rode away, it just works. The trick is almost an illusion. It looks like you are forcing it into place with the front foot when really it's all in the back. The front foot just kind of sits there to guide it. That's why when you get on top of it there's almost this relaxed type look.


Koston and BA

The backside smith is a PURE STYLE TRICK. People can do other tricks and look gnarly, raw, tech, or whatever, but when somebody puts down a proper backside smith it says something about the level of comfort they have on the board.


Ryan Ticknor  /  Jason Dill

I have to say that not only do I think that this trick looks great, but it is one of my favorites to do. It doesn't really feel like any other trick. It obviously shares some similarities to a back tail or a back lip, but because of the way it's locked in, it is completely different. I wouldn't even really compare it to a front smith because going backside it's just so much more of a toe trick. Getting that first one to grind is like finding your dad's porn stash, you've hit the jackpot but you have no idea what to do with it. I remember riding away from the first one never wanting to do another trick.


I encourage everybody to get out there and learn back smiths.

Note: If your heel is touching, it is not a backside smith. Also, don't give me shit about not calling it a Monty grind. I don't care.