What Ever Happened To?


Alright, so here I (Evan) am sitting at my desk trying to think of something remotely cool or original to add to Small Talk cuz hey, as it stands, I haven't done JACK. SHIT. for this beautiful(?) thing yet (and I apologize for that Rojo/D. Lew) when I believe that I've struck gold. I've figured it out. This is my contribution. I'm the fucking best to ever do anything ever. The segment will be called "What Ever Happened To?", and will feature primarily some burnouts or dudes who were so close but just not close enough to make it in the struggle. I say primarily burnouts or dudes because the list ain't gonna be limited simply to human beings. I'm going after everything. Trends, products, colors, musical taste, whatever. God damn, I'll even tackle filming techniques. And I know nothing about the technicalities of filming (seriously, literally least qualified dude to talk shit about this shit ever...fire or call the cops on me as soon as possible Rojo).

ANYWAYS, I thought I struck gold and this was it. An idea of my own. HODE UP though, TURNS OUT YA BOI ALREADY DID THIS SHIT. That's right, in high school I wrote for a skate blog (keeganspots.blogspot.com RIP) and did the exact same thing. I wrote one on Matt Allen. I was genuinely concerned about the dude's whereabouts/what happened to him...and ya know what, I still am, quite frankly.

So basically fuck it, I'm going to pick up where my high school, virgin self left off and dig deeper this time. Who's gonna call me out on it? Everyone copies everyone's ideas ever (right? triangles, marijuana Leafs, for example), and I just happen to be copying myself, so get over it.

I won't/will disappoint you all.