Never Forget: Top 10 Moments in Accel History


So as some of you may have heard the news by now via Ripped Laces, éS has finally come to their senses and decided to bring back the classic Accel (I'll capitalize it, that shit is 1,000% a proper noun). This brings back lots of memories, and if you can't tell by now, we here at smalltalk fucking love memories. Without Accel nostalgia we'd have to face the reality that we're actually kind of adults, and I'm not quite ready to deal with that yet. So alas, here we are. I've picked 5 normal human beings to feature, then 5 different moments in time from PJ's haunted past. It's a goddamn highlight reel for that dude. Anyways, without further ado, here are 10 Classic Moments in éS Accel history.

10.) Paul Rodriguez - Yeah Right!



There are a bunch of points throughout this part where P-Rod is running the Accel HARD, which is part of the reason a lot of people will refer to this version of P-Rod as their favorite. The one line where he starts off with that switch heel over the barrel really sticks out to me, though. The leather Accel color ways were pretty rare back then with everyone wanting a piece of those black and browns, so I back this particular color way a bunch.


9.) Arto Saari - Sorry

Praise for this dude and this part has definitely been beaten into the ground, but that doesn't mean it's undeserving or should stop anytime soon. Like I said, #neverforget. In this oddly specific critique, not unlike P-Rod, there are multiple instances of Accel glory. I wanna give the opening mirror lines some special Black/Gum love, but per Rojo's sharp eye the fakie flip, switch treflip line cannot be ignored. Those motherfuckers were SOLID WHITE. How baller is that?


8.) Bobby Worrest - Krooked  Kronichles

Bobby is a plaza skater. A man of routine who knows what he likes (cue The Pulaski Part). Something about Bobby's usage of Accels throughout this era set him completely apart from the rest of the éS-heads out there though. Tech wizardry balanced with handrail destruction - all in an Accel? I feel like there's gotta be a parallel universe out there where J-Lo's "I Luh Ya Papi" is actually titled "I Luh Ya Bobbi" creating one huge Bobby Worrest love fest. Dare to dream.


7.) Justin Eldridge - Hot Chocolate

Okay so I know I already showed some love for the all white leather Accel, but GOD DAMN does this part give the viewer a front row seat to the freshness that colorway had to offer. If skate videos were scratch and sniff, Justin's nollie-heel manual would smell like a Febreze interpretation of the Garden of Eden (whatever the fuck that means). That's all I gotta say about that.


6.) Ryan Stiffler - Any Day Now


Remember when Stevie gave that unreal Dustin Dollin Shoutout in Baker 3? This is kinda like my opportunity to give a local ripper and good friend of mine, Ryan Stiffler, a shoutout. I specifically remember skating through the city a few years back and witnessing him roast the best 360 flip I, to this day, have ever seen someone do. Check his part in local video "Any Day Now" and you'll see why Stiffler is the most Accel dude out.

This is where it starts to get weird. I'll admit it. If you ain't down for the PJ show, just X out now and get back to that Italian sub you abandoned to read this list-icle.

5.) Switch BS 360

warm grey

Warm Grey. Are you fucking kidding me? That color way is straight out of a sneaker head wet dream. Not to mention PJ is switch backside 360-ing in them, a maneuver only dudes as fresh as Richard Angelides could pull off at the time. I actually got to see a pair of the warm grey accels in the flesh when they came out...I believe they were even some sort of limited release, and I wanna say I specifically recall Nick "Big" Murray purchasing a big ol' pair of em' at Coliseum. Nick, if you're reading, get back to me on this one.

4.) Super Champion Fun Zone / Butter Bench lines


Yup, that's right: double reference. I'm totally allowed to do that. To be perfectly honest I had no idea this would turn into such a white out (I promise I'm not some sort of white supremacist), but god damn can PJ wear the shit out of a white pair of Accels. First lets examine this compilation from SCFZ, which accounts for all of his footage from that tour. Notice something? Yeah, that's right. Either PJ made the same pair of shoes appear perpetually mint condish for the entirety of an international skate trip, or he asked éS for 25 pairs of the same shoes to wear each day he was out there. Whatever happened, I'm supporting it.

Stepping back in time for a moment, we've got what appears to have been one of the best sessions of PJ's life on two suspiciously placed and perfect butter benches. The boy is just good. A quick shoe check indicates a typical all white jumpoff, but upon further investigation we've found a slight modification in gum sole form. What's more gangster than an all white leather skate shoe in 2003? A white leather/gum sole skate shoe in 2003 MY G!!!

white gum


3.) The Original SECOND éS Game of S.K.A.T.E.

PJ played Koston in the final match of the first second (TY "snerd" for the correction) éS Game of S.K.A.T.E. ever and won. What a claim. This game was so OG that the "2 tries last trick" rule hadn't even been invented yet. Nollie frontside flip: one try, that's it. Give PJ the money. éS was essentially giving PJ a fat bonus for winning that contest. A thank you of sorts for putting a pair of Accels on every Boston skateboarder's foot for the duration of the WHL era. Despite the fact that we start to see the initial stages of Cali-PJ forming, the dude is still rocking a B-Hat and what's that? Brown Accels. Frontside 360 heelflip a.k.a. wildcard signature move of the century in brown Accels?! C'mon man. I feel bad for Koston and his pink K7's in this video, cuz they never even stood a chance.


2.) The Boston Accel

PJ is so legendary he had his own Accel colorway. Belieeee dat. Two of them actually, lets not forget the Accel Plus and its completely useless tongue strap. These things came out holiday '04 I wanna say, so I imagine Active Mail Order and CCS made a shit load of money off of them during that time. Good for them. I know I got my pair and you sure as hell got yours, so lets leave it at that.

*no media for this one due to surprisingly limited documentation of this product/didn't have the heart to post the SPOT archival photo of them*

1.) Whatever This Colorway Is:

accel brown tan orange

The internet says "Brown/Tan/Orange" and I'ma go with that. Can we all agree that this is our favorite frequently recurring Accel from PJ's Really Sorry part? They're particularly noticeable during his line at the stadium benches. We all know which one I'm referring to, don't give me that shit. Much like the Schlager analysis, lets give it a play-by-play.

We're in sunny Southern California, and PJ is about to stunt on everybody. Why don't we start off with the impossible-to-conceive frontside halfcab nosegrind to fakie thing (still no idea what its really supposed to be called). After that, I guess it would only be logical to follow things up with a switch heel whose quality could only ever be matched by Tommy Wisdom in a similarly inhuman line at Boston's Charles River Benches. Cool, he landed it. It was perfect.

What happens next is something that cannot be put into words, but I'll give it a go.

pj grate

That tiny, insignificant drainage cap comes into contact with Patrick's wheels and creates a sound that literally changed my entire life as I knew it. That shit is what dreams and nightmares are made of. There had to be one dude out there who quit his job when he heard that noise. I want to go so far as to say that before that moment Scuba Steve had full intentions of editing PJ's part to Pulp's "This is Hardcore", but upon hearing the sound of PJ rolling over the grate he knew the part couldn't possibly be edited to a piece of music. Here's a claim, the roll-over was PJ's actual song in Really Sorry. If silence is golden, that drainage grate was pure fucking platinum. Oh yeah, and then he did a fakie flip frontside noseslide.

So there you have it. Its kind of crazy that one shoe could inspire something as ridiculous as this post, but I guess that's what we're aiming for with this blog. Dill backs a look. I back an Accel.