SMLtalk with: Cooper Winterson


Cooper Winterson is a real humble guy who is very skilled behind, and also in front of the lens. He lives in New York, and can lazer flip first try, in glasses. If you ever see him, ask him to do it. cooper interview feature

Do people often confuse you with Cooper Wilt?

CW: Who did you think this interview was with?

cooper wilt

From now on I am calling you Cooper Wilterson by the way.

CW: Where are you getting this extra “erson” from?

How would you describe your skate style?

CW: Well I skate for almost so it’s like goofy tech

How would you describe your filming style?

CW: I haven’t really filmed a part since almost round 3 I don’t think, wait who am I again?

What’s your favorite song?

CW: Breathe-Prodigy aka Rune Glifberg’s song in sorry in which Jesse [Alba] makes a dope appearance

rune jesse

Which Chris Cole clothing phase speaks to you most?

CW: Late 90’s really baggy “I’m at love but I don’t really fit it” phase. Second would be the yellow camo phase.


What’s the hardest thing about being a blonde haired kid with glasses? Does it affect your skating?

CW: Trying to skate down the street when you keep getting flooded with ladies.

They say New York is the ‘Big Apple’, did they name it after the apple at LES?

CW: I think it’s actually a red plum because there’s no stem anymore.

What is the best trick you’ve ever done over that Apple (The Big Apple[red plum])?

CW: Nollie shuv duhhh


Cooper skating at LES park

Did you know that Corey Rubin was in my cabin at woodward in 2009? Pretty cool, right?

Weren’t you his counselor? But hasn’t he been a director since he was 12 anyway?


Corey Rubin at Chelsea Piers Park

He skated a lot of vert. His parents were very nice.

CW: Trying to get him to go to Riverside and get down on the full pad blue vert game.

Who do you look up to for filming inspiration?

CW: Ronnie Dings & Matt and Gene

What are you working on right now?

CW: Some ultimate #goon shit.

When are we gonna skate?

CW: When I go to my dad’s and skate Groton park, maybe we’ll see another kid get arrested (;


Cooper's \m/ video, featuring militano, sage, ben, genesis, jesse and everyone else. 

Shout outs? CW: Big shouts to Leland and Dully on your end :)