SMLtalk Discussion: Life Extention's "Theatrix"

"Sinner is old enough that his outfits are literally unacceptable for hot topic, let alone the outside world" - RoJo
"LE video reminds me of a bag of shit" - Chris
"I couldn't BELIEVE Pat Pasquales glasses in that first line, I wanted to step right on his face" - Chris
"I haven't watched 'Sinner' squales part yet" - Evan
"DUDE. You have to watch it. Just a heads up. It's 6 minutes" - RoJo
"Did Nick Trepasso get high and edit this video" - Evan
"There aren't 3 dubstep songs. Oh wait. There are three fucking dubstep songs" - RoJo
"So he sipped some lean then edited the entire video in one sitting" - Evan
"He looks like a bad music festival" - Chris
"I don't even think this is Sinner on drugs; this is Sinner sober" - RoJo
"I'm going to watch it again and ruin my Friday" - Chris
"I just watched Tave's part and suddenly I feel like I have to puke and shit at the same time" - RoJo
"I love this brand, it's such a disaster" - Chris
"yo susan surandon used to be mad hot, one of my favorite new hobbies is googling celebrity women that are older now but like "susan sarandon 1970" - Chris
"the Thrasher descriptions always try to build the clip up to be something awesome. For the LE video it should just be like "these dudes look about as good as that one good kid at your local park" - Chris
"Sinner is the kind of guy that would ask you for 20 dollars to take a peter pan bus to Billerica" - Evan
"Sinner wears a headband and has to have a breathalyzer in his car...his mom drops him off at raves" - Chris