Ask A Smltalker


During our short lifespan here at one thing has remained true: we have survived and thrived, because of you. Your ability to dodge your boss at work, tune out your annoying girlfriend, and ignore e-mailing your mother back, has provided us with the fuel we need to keep this fire going. Without you, we'd be lost entirely. To show just how much we value you, we offer you the chance to be a part of this website. I give you: Ask A Smltalker. Think of it as an advice column of sorts. Submit any question you can think of: whether it's about life, love, skateboarding, or even what our favorite porn site is and we'll answer it. Address all of us or choose your favorite Smltalker (Rojo) and submit your questions to We will answer our favorite question every Friday and the winner will have his or her name featured on our website (what, did you think there was gonna be an actual prize?) As stated above no question is taboo, so don't feel sheepish. Thank you again for your continued support of our silly little website.

-Rojo and the Smltalk family