Some Notable Fakie Heelflips Not Done By Wieger


Yeah we all know that when it comes to the fakie heel Wieger is king. The damn thing looks like a nollie heel. In fact, all of his heelflip tricks are pretty much better than anybody else's.

But this article is not about Wieger.

I want to take a moment and talk about a few fakie heels that are worth a watch, or maybe a re-watch, or maybe not worth a watch, because this is the internet and you can choose to watch porn instead.

Jake Johnson 

Jake Johnson is not real. Let's get that out of the way. But pretend for a second that he is a real person like you and me who has a mother, and feelings, and has to warm up. We all remember that first time we saw Mind field. It was magical. We shed tears throughout Heath's part. We held one another as we felt the crushing reality that this might be the last real skate video that anybody cares about. We saw Jake's part and we didn't know what to think. Did he actually switch flip backside nosegrind pyramid ledges? Nobody can be certain (yes, he did). But recklessly tossed into the middle of the part was a feat known as the fakie heel. Done down the infamous set at the Brooklyn Banks (RIP). Super fast and leg kicked out, in a good way though, not overdone. Well, anyway, check it out, they play the clip at the end, after explaining the complexities of the B.E.C.


Henry Sanchez

The legend himself. I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest when I first looked at the box of Sight Unseen and saw his name on it. The entire teenage skateboard community looked at one another and asked if they knew who he was, and somebody's older brother mentioned that he had been in an old video. When he comes out of the gate roasting a switch crooks, and I had to take a step back and re-evaluate things. By the end of the part I was already super hyped, and then the dude comes rolling up to the high side of Pier 7 manny pads, feet SUPER close together, and pops a 4 foot fakie heel to FAKIE MANNY. Come on! Too good.


Louie Barletta

Let's be honest, skateboarding wouldn't be the same without Louie. He's one of the few dudes out there that looks like he is having fun during every single clip filmed. It's just super inspiring. Being a kid watching him and Jerry whether it was in the Tiltmode videos, or Subject to Change was just super fun and was an easy way to get hyped to skate. Awesome clean style with an endless bag of tricks and all the while still taking things to the next level. In Bag of Suck he does a fakie heel over a gap into a bank. Over a gap. Into a bank. Go do one on flat real quick and think about that.


Jeron Wilson

Dude, early Jeron has just one of the best styles. He and Lavar Mcbride were just smooth. I'm gonna plead the fifth on more recent Jeron (tugs on collar). BUT I STILL LOVE HIM. Anyhow, anywhere from like, 1991 to about 1998, Jeron just absolutely slayed. I mean, who else would have a one-foot ride away ender? The fakie heel from Jeron that I'd like to display would perhaps be best introduced by RoJo:

"He did a switch 3 over a bench. Pushed like three times? Toe dragged to slow down. Then did fakie heel nosegrind. Like tell me you can't relate to that. HE TOE DRAGGED AFTER PUSHING. Like, they could have filmed it again. He squealed the switch fs three. Was not going fast to begin with. I feel like they kept it in there because Jeron was like 'that's for my people'" - RoJo


Rodrigo TX

For me, it's crazy like, I watch a Rodrigo part and I ALWAYS forget how absolutely insane this guy is. . Yesterday I was out skating and I happened to be rolling fakie, and what happened to pop into my head? "Hey maybe you should try a fakie heel." So I did. And ya know what? I made it. And that was nice. Then I got to thinkin', I wonder if anybody has ever done a fakie heel to switch manual. Knowing full well it has been done I pondered, and then moved on. I got inspired to write this dedication to the trick, and Evan kindly reminded me that in Can't Stop, Rodrigo had done not only fakie heel to switch manual, but fakie heel switch manual flip out at parallel (in the second part). 


A few of honorable mentions, one to the dude who fakie heeled the picnic table at house of hammers, and then just a general shout out to Lindsey for being the second most heelflip dude ever (Wieger as #1, come on, keep up). You might be kind of wack, but that backside heel down Wallenberg with absolutely no knee bend was out of control. Lastly I want to shout out Deca. There's not enough time to count the number of fakie heels done by the entire team, but we know they got down. 

Get out there and roast a fakie heel for these guys, they've earned it.