SMLtalk With: Rob Collins


rob eating fries

Rob. Where to begin? You just turned 21. That’s nice.

Hi David! Yeah I did! I’ve been 21 since I was 17 so its really not that exciting. I guess it is pretty nice to not have to worry about using a fake ID anymore. When I was first getting into the bar I was so nervous so I would get really drunk, be an idiot, and fall asleep in my room with all the lights on (ask Mola about that one) but since then I’ve realized the bar can be cool but gets expensive and there are a lot of morons there. I'd prefer to sit on our couch and watch Seinfeld or another quality program.

People generally know you for your camera work, but when they meet you and actually see you skate, are they surprised at how pale your skin is?

Haha, I usually get the "do you ever get tan?" And the answer is... Sometimes. When my sun burn goes away I'm left a little darker than before.


Are you happy?


You can backside noseblunt on ledges. Must be nice.

rob bs noseblunt

That wasn’t much of a question but i can pull one out of my ass every now and again. This whole weight gaining thing is really taking a toll on my skating.

What’s your favorite photo that you have shot so far?

That's a tough one. I'd have to say the one of Ray Barbee playing his guitar and smiling. I'm also a big fan of Lee 50-50ing the back of a truck with the people walking by. Sometimes you really do get lucky.


Why do you listen to Seinfeld when you are having sex, and what do the chicks think?

Seinfeld and Sex, my two vices… I don’t want to answer that.

You and your brother just traveled around the country, what was the best part?

The best part was skating in San Francisco. SF is a truly amazing place with so much awesome skating and architecture there. It's my favorite place I've ever been.

The other best part was to see Paul and the locals ripping each park. The scene in some cities is really crazy. There were a few parks that had some rippers that looked like they just went back to school shopping at Zumiez.

Fuck one, marry one, kill one, Coakley/Greenwood/Berman.

Ah man that's really good.

Definitely Kill Greenwood.

nate greenwood

Marry Coakley.

rob kevin and berman

and Fuck you Berms.

Wait, weren’t either you or Paul in one of the Toy Machine videos? What’s that all about?

Haha. I have no clue how you found out about that. I can't remember if I was in the video but I know Paul had a clip at the very end of the video wearing a visor and a shark tooth necklace. I’m almost positive my mom went up to the filmer and asked him to film Paul, so he asked who his favorite skater was and in the highest pitched 7 year old voice Paul said “Ed Templeton”.


So you’re unemployed. What’s your plan?

That’s right baby. I’m really happy about it. Being laid off is one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. At first I was like “fuck man, what am I going to do? I’m fucked.” But then I drove all the way across the country and back and that kind of opened my eyes a bit. There’s a whole world out there! I can do anything I want right now. My plan as of now is to stay in Boston for a bit and see if I can make something happen there. If not, probably head to New York or SF. I guess only time will tell….

Shout outs?

Of course. My main man and roommate Dave Lewis along with the rest of the 30 Mozart posse – All the SMLTalk boyz – Mom and Dad (although I really hope they’re not reading this) – Paul of course – Coaks, Berms, Burke, Duane, All of my friends that I’ve made along the way – Anyone who has let me shoot them – Everyone @ Theory, Orchard, Vans, Lowcard, Focus. Thanks for the interview Dave ---- Cheers!!!!

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