The Top 5 Most Iconic Muska Phases

Chad Muska blows my mind. Beyond his iconic career as a skateboarder, and his not so iconic career as a DJ, Muska has always stood alone when it comes to his gear. Muska's fashion throughout the years has changed drastically, and while to me he's still a skateboarder, you can't help but notice the dude's ability to rock crazy shit and get away with it. How does he do it, you ask? He's the fuckin' Muska that's how! So who better to look back at for #fashionweek than the AZ legend himself. We honor The Muska's fashion throughout the years by bringing you the Top 5 Most Iconic Muska Phases.

5.) Maple Chad - Before Jamie Thomas ignited Chad's career, Muska was still ripping but he stayed on some low key shit. This Maple ad is the fashion before Chad became a superstar. Just classic skate rat gear, massive cut off jeans, tiny no brand shirt, hat way off to the side (signs of Superstar Chad), just absolutely ripping. Doesn't seem like much is going on here, so why even talk about it? 'Cause what you don't understand is that it's not the clothes that make the man, it's the man that makes the clothes. Before he saw big coin Chad could still put his shit together, I mean look at little bitch boy in the photo; simply in awe of the Muska blasting over that hydrant. He probably went home and cut his jeans immediately after watching Maple Chad rip this shit up. Muska ain't afraid to blend in with the trends, but once he does, he somehow manages to stand the fuck out (fuck, that was like the best thing I've ever written).

4.) Hacky-Sack Chad - This is Toy Machine era Chad, and this is before the ghetto-gown really became his iconic look. Muska was still The Muska back then (duh) but his fashion was a little more tame. Here we have a classic Muska flip being blasted off of a curb cut. Chad can be seen rocking a "smedium" Shorty's tee, accompanied by some very large khaki's with a visor beanie, and crispy white and gum sneaks to round it out. I call him Hacky-Sack Chad because this is the Chad you might catch around your college campus sacking it up with his bro's and sneaking in some bong hit's before his anatomy class (which he's only taking 'cause he thought he'd see some titties).


3.) Dubstep Raver Chad - Dubstep Raver Chad is one of his more current looks and he largely emphasizes leather in a lot of these outfits. This is A-list Chad; he's dressing like Kanye West at red carpet events and doesn't seem to care that he's the only one wearing leggings under leather shorts with a massive sweatshirt. If you didn't know better you'd mistake him for a German raver who's just about to peak off four hits of ecstasy while his favorite Skrillex song enters it's most brutal breakdown. Is it an L.A. thing? A New York thing? A bad thing? Despite not understanding this new phase of Chad, it doesn't seem to slow down his skating which is obvs the most important thing. The Muska's The Muska no matter how much leather he wears.


2.) Confused Chad - Confused Chad isn't the "coolest" Chad, but he's a very important Chad. You see, before Shorty's went away for a while, their final effort at being relevant came in the form of their video How to Go Pro. Don't get me wrong the video's actually pretty good but Chad seems to have been a little lost in his fashion sense. There's basketball jerseys that are too small, lines with one glove on, some fucking sick white and red Circas, a fedora with no shirt, sideways Ashton-Kutcher-in-Punk'd-trucker hats, the list goes on. See, like the song (which I believe is an 80's/90's medley mixed by the Muska himself) Chad was just experimenting with a lot of outfits in the hopes that by throwing tons of shit at a wall that something would stick. This is probably the most inconsistent fashion that Muska has ever graced us with. And you know there's dudes out there that saw this part only to have their heads explode. "You mean I can run the fedora without my shirt? I'm gonna smash MAD pussy!" Of course the hypothetical bro that I just imagined did not smash said pussy. He actually went years jacking off in his parents basement only to find out that he was actually in love with his best friend Brad. Good for you, hypothetical bro.

1.) Classic Chad - If a single picture is capable of saying a thousand words, than this picture's word count is somewhere around a googolplex.  The Ghetto Child tank, the boom box, the backpack...when we talk about The Muska, this is what I'm talking about. There's nothing more Muska than this outfit. If this get up was at a fashion show this would be the ender (I assume they bring out the hottest outfit last) and I'm sure many people would die in the riot that would ensue after bearing witness to the outfit to end all outfits. It seems silly, making such a big deal about a dude's clothes. But can you imagine seeing this photo for the first time? It was more than a crooked grind at a demo. It was another timeless moment in the life of a legendary human. Muska speaks with more than his mouth, he uses his clothes, his skateboard, and his art to do the talking for him (along with his mouth too). Now who's got the ebay link for that Ghetto Child tank?