Ode to the Visor Beanie


Okay, so I’ve got an issue I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while now. Something that OH MAN let me tell ya’ has really been grinding my gears, and what better time to air out my frustrations than fashion week? It all started last winter, when I began to notice a strange, recurring phenomenon where despite the frigid temperatures, it was also quite sunny outside. Not only was this weather trend confusing to me, but also a pretty cruel trick on Mother Nature’s behalf (she can really be such a whore sometimes). Anyways, I found myself in a weird spot. The sunglasses were in retirement. Summer was fucking OVER, credits were rolling. What’s a boy to do? I’d wear a hat, but lets not forget that its Winter in New England aka mandatory beanie weather. Also I want to look cool. That’s the most important part. There should really be some sort of hybrid between hat and beanie, like a beanie with a visor or something. That would be nice wouldn’t it?


bam visor beanie

That’s right. Lets never forget the visor beanie. Perfect for sunny-yet-still- cold weather. This is a flawless idea really, and not to mention you look GREAT wearing one. Visor beanies stand the test of time, epitomizing a seamless balance between form and function. This is a fashion design wet dream that is actually just wet reality. And doesn’t it make total sense that Bam Margera was essentially the spokesperson for this trend? Hint: It does.

element him visor beanies

So here’s to every confused, former little kid looking through a CCS holiday 2003 catalog who circled the fuck out of that Element x Bam Margera visor beanie. We all know the one. Your Christmas/Hannukah kicked ass that year, then all of your friends called you a Gaylord when you showed back up to school on January 2nd.



PS -  a special shout out to Tom Penny, visor beanie OG


tom penny visor