The Khaki Cargo Short


I really didn’t expect it going into this article, but as I reflected on the history of the khaki cargo short, I realized that pretty much every person in San Jose in the late 90s/early 2000s had a freakish obsession with this look. I mean, these guys could damn well be the root of every trick that has gone down in khaki cargo shorts post-1998. I could actually write this entire article using exclusively guys from San Jose, but I’m not the kind of guy to put dudes on blast like that.

Marc Johnson – 411 issue 20 Profile

marc johnson gif

Marc Johnson. Are you the source? It seems like almost every clip of you in any 411 was filmed in khaki cargos and tall white socks. What drew you to it Marc? Was there a sale at JC Penny? Were the khaki cargo pants just too hot for you in sunny San Jose? Well, whatever the reason, I hope that they helped you become the skate god you are today.

Jerry Hsu – Osiris The Storm

Jerry Hsu Gif

Unreal. I mean, one of the most legendary tricks of all time, the ‘storm flip’ itself, was filmed in khaki cargo shorts. Jerry hates talking about this trick, and I finally realized why. It’s ok Jerry, you’re in good company with this crime.

Steve Cabalerro - Bones Brigade Class of 2000

steve cab gif

The late 90s were a real questionable time for Cab. Maybe he was going through a crisis, who knows. All I know is that he was rocking a bleach blonde bowl cut, and of course, khaki cargo shorts. Dammit, Steve, I thought you were better than this.

Jason Adams - 411 Issue 52

jason adams gif 

The Kid could have actually been the first to bring this look to San Jose. JA was kind of a trend setter, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to forgive him for this.

jason adams gif 2

Wait, he even took it to new heights with the camo. Actually those are kind of sick.

Louie Barletta - Man Down

Louie Barletta Gif

Oh yeah, even Louie got down on the KCS. I think I'm not the only one who is thinking right now that Louie actually kind of pulled off the look. In fact, maybe you've gotten to this point and are like, hey, these guys all kind of pulled off this look. Or MAYBE, just maybe, you even wore this exact look (I did). Regardless, the khaki cargo short is an irresponsible choice for anybody trying to get laid, TRUST

There's probably a few of you out there who are like, wait, no mention of Colt Cannon? I know. But the reality is that Colt was the master of the Khaki cargo, but really didn't take it to shorts. Don't worry, Colt will be getting his own khaki tribute in due time. Ya know what, if you wanna hit me up with a clip of him in khaki cargo shorts I'd be hyped.

PS - Oh yeah, shout out to the the true khaki cargo short OG Tom Penny

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