Tough Toys For Tough Boys

[embed]http://vimeo[/embed] It is with a heavy heart today that we say good-bye to a dear friend. Our good pal Tin Tran will be leaving us this week for greener pastures in Southern California. An impeccable filmer with an undying passion for chicken wings, his absence will be sorely missed. Here at SMLTalk we are confident our boy will find what he's looking for in California-world, and we wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors. Being the generous guy that he is, he did leave us a special parting gift in the form of Tough Toys For Tough Boys. It is a mini-video and it features many of the regular cast of characters you've seen in his previous videos, such as Suede Peach and Put Out Or Get Out. Tin, remind me to send you some stickers and don't forget us when you're famous!

For more of Tin's work be sure to check out his website

And for non-vimeo users the youtube link for TT4TB is here.