Music Appreciation


If there were a pyramid chart for what makes skateboarding videos “good”, soundtrack would be damn near the top of the line. Let’s be honest here: when skateboarding is edited to bad music it holds zero replay value. The amount of Straight-To-Thrasher Friday (and even Thursday now) video parts I’ve been seeing lately, edited almost exclusively to ‘ignant’ rap has become completely overwhelming. I know the whole “internet ruined skateboarding” argument has become a tired topic, but the more chief keef songs I see people willingly edit their video parts to, the less faith I have in the future of skateboarding or by extension, humanity. Alas, there is still hope. In order to remind folks that there were and still are a bunch of people who appreciate music as an essential piece to the editing process, I’m launching a new column here called, well...Music Appreciation. Yeah, that's the name and we're sticking to it.

We’ll talk about some of the best songs to ever be used in skateboarding. Some examples will be obvious. Others will focus on the appropriateness of the match between song and skateboarder. Intros, credits, slams, transitions, friends sections, all of those things will be included. No one is safe. But this is all a good thing. Let’s give these skateboarders and editors the credit they deserve. Maybe (just maybe), in doing so we can help eliminate trap music from FCP timelines everywhere. This is war.