Top 5 Crailtap Top 5s



Crailtap is responsible for about 62% of my time on the internet from 2002-2006 (31% porn, and the rest a buffer for AIM or whatever). Their magic is that they have always been truly genuine with anything they put out. The Crailtap dudes were quick to the internet, and really went balls deep posting whatever they wanted, all basically unfiltered. Photos from parties, digicam clips from the day, or even cute dog contests made it feel like you were part of it. The 5s were dope. It was a super quick way to get solid skate trivia, or just some funny bullshit responses. You have to remember, this was before the Crail Couch, YouTube clips, or any sort of easily streamable video on the internet, so you had to read. I know. It was awful.

I kind of wish they would bring back the old style layout, just for old times sake...(if you guys are somehow reading this, you know what to do).

Lance Mountain


Crailtap gets this legend on the 5s and he gives quite possibly the most detailed, long-winded answers possible. Reads more like an interview. The bit about Mark Gonzales skating his ramp by himself is incredible.

David Cross


David Cross, Tobias Funke, comedic genius/analrapist. This guy had a Top 5s. If you're not a huge David Cross fan, and that's fine, you can proceed to the next one.

If you are a David Cross fan, fuck those other people because this shit is hilarious.

Brad Staba


There's a few people in skating that are consistently entertaining and have a solid sense of humor. Guys like Tim O'Connor, Frank Gerwer, and the man right here Brad Staba. I mean,  the dude had an interview with Erica Yary, and instead stopped her and interviewed himself. He also backs the pop shuv, and you know we back that.

Jake Phelps


Say what you want about the dude but not only is he an encyclopedia of knowledge, but he was actually pretty good. Yeah, maybe he's a prick, or a drunk, or all of the above, but whatever, so is most everybody else in skating, you just don't hear them express their meaningless opinions. Had to post this Top 5 because there's some really good content.

Dave Chappelle


How the fuck did they get Dave Chappelle. That's the only thing I could think when I first saw this pop up. This dude was on the rise, nearing the height of his popularity in the early to mid 2000s, and he has time to do a damn Top 5s for Crailtap. Unreal.

Ah fuck it, here's a bonus one.

Julien Stranger