State of Emergency: Pat Duffy's Pockets

There was a time when Pat Duffy was grinding double-kinked rails and skating exclusively to Primus songs, and we love him for that. But now, long after the Primus days, we find ourselves looking at a new Pat Duffy. The change didn't happen overnight, and it is hard to pin-point the exactly when the moment came, but we can assume that it was around the same time he put on grey skinny jeans, looked at himself in the mirror, and decided to go out in public. The interesting thing is that even though the smltalk staff supports the return of the baggier pant, there are already plenty of lovable dudes out there rocking that look, right? So although we are letting that slide, there is still something that is equally, if not more concerning.

Pat, what is in your pockets?

At first I thought that you were just skating with your hands in your pockets, but of course that's not it. So what do you have in there??

pat duffy6

Blackberry and a burner?

pat duffy5

Extra socks and your sponsor me tape?

pat duffy1

Is there a fucking gun in your pocket? That would be kind of sick.

pat duffy2

Maybe it's just an apple or a light snack.

Well, whatever it is Pat, I think it's time that you started showing a little more responsibility and got in line with the empty pocket skate movement. If there is a good excuse, you're always welcome to hit up HQ,

- Guest Post by Rob Hall