Memorable quotes from Ricky Oyola's Epicly Later'd

Whenever Ricky Oyola talks people stop and listen. He is opinionated and controversial, and never has an issue getting his point across. Ricky's Epicly Later'd is a personal favorite. It serves as a poignant reminder of the reality of skateboarding, that even those who impact it the most are not guaranteed to be rewarded with fame/fortune/celebrity status, and often end up struggling to survive working a 9 to 5 just like everybody else. A point that is coming up a lot lately.  Throughout his five part series Ricky speaks more truth, and touches more closely to the difficulty of real life than you'll probably hear elsewhere any time soon. I went back and watched the series for fun, and realized that it is chock full of gold, as Ricky comes through with some of the most insane, hilarious, nostalgic, and meaningful quotes. Here are just a few.


"I'm supposed to be in skating, I'm supposed to have a job in skating, I'm supposed to continue at skating, I'm not supposed to be doing what I'm doing now, trying to find a new life. I hate being so negative, I can't help it though…until the day when I just let it go is probably when I'll be able to move forward."


"I could have toned things down, and could'a made it, but that's not what I wanted to do."


"Man we owned this place, that's why it was so much fun to kick people out, say fuck you you're not comin' here, don't take photos here, fuck you. You know what I mean? And all the homeless people, all the fuckin' drug addicts, and all those fuckin' dudes. I smoked weed with 'em every day."

ricky fro

"I'm not gonna say there's a proper way to skate it...just get the fuck outta people's way"

ricky part 2

"yeah, we have rules in here, people don't like that either. But, you know what I mean? I hate when people do a trick, like say they do like a backside tailslide to fakie, right, do it, then they go about 2 feet then they turn around and then they go do another trick on the bench. It's like, well why'd you do it to fakie, if that's what your intention is? Like, why, wha, why? Why? I don't get it."


"I always dreamt that you could do like a bluntslide and like *scerrrrppp* to fakie. But. I'm a pussy. I thought of this shit but never did it"

"We had a joke that you go to North Philly which was really gnarly, you know these dudes were shooting each other, so every new day some new fuckin' cripple has to build a new bump over bar and we just so happened skate it."

Ricky Oyola - ollie

"For me, I was never a trickster where I out-tricked you, I'm gonna look at things differently, and I'm gonna present something to you...for me that was part of my skating, and when you blew up my spot you basically took away a part of what I presented to skating. It wasn't about, like, you can out-trick me, or whatever, because that's ok, a lot of people can, you know what I mean? But you would've never skated it if I didn't skate it."


"I almost wish that I didn't become someone in skating. I probably would have had more fun, and would be a lot farther along in my regular life. You know what I mean?"

Here's his first part. You can figure out how to click links and find the rest like a human with a brain.