SMLtalk Video: Emmett Bleiler

[youtube] Emmett Bleiler is 17, lives on Cape Cod, and can be most often found at Falmouth Skatepark, a prefab park turned DIY. He is currently (in 2014) rocking a flip phone, so you won't find him on Facebook or Instagram, but when you do find him, he'll either be hucking an air, eating shit, talking shit, or building some unskateable extension at his park. He also smith grinded the fence at JP park, which we all know isn't actually possible.

On a scale of salmon shorts to Wellfleet oysters, how much do you love Cape Cod?

I love it and hate it. A lot of uptight fucks around here, very few skaters, and really expensive food. But it's sick because its low key, all the spots are crusty and the summers are nice.

emmett texas

Describe Falmouth skatepark.

Prefab park located at trotting park field off Gifford st. We lucked out the most on prefab, I've seen the other ones around new england and they're shit. We got good mixing with the crete and made some more stuff like extensions and extra trannys. But I've been skating Falmouth park for 10 years and I love it, it's crusty as fuck and the sessions are going down daily.

What’s your least favorite thing about modern day skateboarding?

It's turned into all social media, bangers are leaked, and everyone's hyping themselves up through their own videos/photos. Save it for an edit. Fuck your throwback footage. The hype isn't real when it's on Instagram.

emmett fs ollie

Brandon Turner or Brandon Biebel?

Turner for sure. Those switch crooks.

Wow. Ok. Would you rather lose your ability to skate fakie/switch, or lose your ability to grab tucknee?

I'll lose the tucknee. Fuck a tucknee nosebones are better.

emmett body jar

If you had to be on one form of social media, what would it be?

Probably that new anonymous twitter I've been hearing about, only to meet freaky bitches.

...who gets you psyched on skating these days?

Those Pstone videos, Cro Mags, Slayer and Cardiel footage.

Trick you wish you had?

Switch frontside ollie above coping and lien airs.

Shout outs?

Yeah Matt Hogan, LT, Jack Emberg, Ebreeze, Al, and all of the FSP homies. Come get some if your down for the crust.

For more info on Emmett contact us at or visit him yourself at Falmouth Skatepark.

Contributing Filmers: Matt Hogan, Emmet Breslin

Photos: Rob Collins

Interview: Dave Lewis