Boston Spot Directory: With Phil McCormick and Brett Star

An Overview of Boston Skate Flatground Spots


Library flat


With flat ground being as important as it is here in New England, it is no surprise that the city of Boston widened the area known as Copley flat in front of the library to accommodate the numerous local college kids who are lost once the fountain is filled every spring, and they realize they are not welcome at any other spot in the city. People are still talking about Kenny Hughes' untouchable front side 180 as if it had just happened last weekend.


copley fountain

Turn your perfect balance on when you get to the fountain, because there is less than two full pushes to skate this manny pad, and the loose cobblestone serve as perfect landmines. Full of water and trash during the warm months, and full of college kids (also trash) during the cold months trying to get noticed and be on Orchard’s junior varsity squad.

Bust Factor;

library flat high( but you’re good after 7).

Fountain; low

Tip from a local; great people watching spot if you don’t even feel like skating. Oh, you got kicked out of Copley flat- don’t worry you can always make your way down the street to 500 flat, where there’s actually nothing to skate except flat, and as a bonus, its even a wind tunnel. Why do people even skate here?

Prudential 17 360 prudential

Ahhh fuck it- go for broke.

Charles Benches


Research has proven that  there exists a clear correlation between the rise in popularity of spandex pants with that of people skating the Charles benches. These rounded and granite benches along the picturesque Charles river have taken a beating over the years, but still remain both unknobbed or a bust.

Bust Factor; low

Tip from a local; grab some beers and have a seat at the “chill” rock after a session.

Eggs eggs The spot you have been anxiously awaiting. Far and away the most skated spot in Boston- perfect flat ground (with a huge water hazard) and overly waxed ledges. If you happen to be lucky enough to see Waffle skating, you may be witness to some groundbreaking maneuvers. Ariel, Boston’s own version of the Gonz, has recently been sighted leading Segway tours through the area (@buddhabless).  The only stair set you will ever see Bostonians skating - three stairs never looked so big….until you were this high. Think you got a new trick you wanna try here? “Fuhhhget about it”- Dana Ericson did it switch 2 years ago (in some Fila’s). If you’re curious as to who is currently murdering eggs, either look up #eggsreport or start following @dutchmasterdelaney.

WARNING; do not be intimidated by the locals; they are actually kind of friendly, but just too stoned to actually give a fuck about you and your weekend filming mission in the city. So please please please do not complain about getting vibed out just because nobody asked you for your autograph.

Bust factor;low- people have gotten tickets in the past, but you're usually OK- just run.



Pretty iconic ledges and manual pad made famous initially by Joey Pepper (a la Ryde or Die) and the Wisdom brothers (al a every video they’ve ever been in). This place pretty much sucks unless you know what you’re getting into before you get there. The ledges - only skated presently by Nate Keegan still grind really good….so he says. Otherwise, its yet another flat ground spot- only at this one you skate in circles like you’re at a fuckin hockey rink. Your best bet is to grab a beer, roll a blunt, and enjoy all the harbor has to offer.

Bust Factor; medium

Tip from a local; “Welcome to Boston, Aquarium cracks WILL  KILL YOU.”

Rose Kennedy Greenway

rose kennedy

Post Raw video, this spot should again become the big dig and be re-converted back into a highway. Spanning most of Boston’s downtown, this spot offers an array of flat ground so vast it has also been known as the most expensive construction project Boston has ever seen. There are several ledges, manual pads, low-to-highs, high-to-lows, benches, carousels, open markets and homeless debauchery….but fahk you - unless its flat ground.

Bust Factor; medium- depending on what stretch you’re at.

Tip from a local; no tips here-enjoy the flat.

Chinatown Rocks

Chinatown rocks

We’ve never skated these before, and they look ridiculous on film, but they do still exist.

Bust Factor; none.

Tip from a local; you are in Chinatown- it wreaks.



Owned by the good homies Sean and Darrah, featuring master chef and cheese artist aficionado, Dan Daley (@dandaley84) - located near a handful of skate spots, and often host of many a video premiere. If you come to Boston and don’t get a beer and a burger here- you’re an idiot, kehd.

Bust Factor; hi, you’re already drunk.

Tip from a local; good fah you guy, ya still wasted.

Windowsills/Downhill ledges flat ground

pj windows

As east coast Seth (@sethoon) famously said to a weekend warrior trying to film a trick, “why bother filming that? PJ kickflipped into that years ago.” This spot featured some of the best marble ledges in Boston. They have since knobbed, unknobbed, and reknobbed these ledges, which is to everyones benefit if you have ever watched PJ Ladd’s wonderful horrible life or Robbie Gangemi’s part in Zoo York Mixtape.

Bust factor; high

Tip from a local; Biddy’s is a stone’s throw away.

Hospital Banks

hospital banks

Often overlooked (because of its non-flatground attributes), these banks are still as good as you remember them in the 90’s. believe it or not, someone has wallridden to boardslide down the rail at this spot, so quit your claim chowder.

Bust factor; low

Tip from a local; free methodone next door.

Shingles shingles

If you thought hanging out under bridges was for bums..well then you were right, or you just wanted to skate a curb on top of a retarded bank with several curbs before each bank- you have found your mecca known as shingles.

Bust Factor; you’re under a bridge.

Tip from a local; head on over to the seaport ledge (over mulch gap) once you’re done shooting up with the locs.

Navy Yard navy yard Take the ferry from aquarium (long wharf) over to the Naval Yard for a great ledge skating experience. Feast your eyes on the abundance of high rise buildings and the USS Constitution- the largest floating waste of money that the city has to offer. Marvel at all the spot has to offer, and enjoy a lovely conversation with the locals who think they own the public space known as the Naval Yard.

Bust Factor; we got a solid 45 minutes in the other night with no issues

Tip from a local; this spot gets skated in Palomar 2!

Watertown Skatepark


Welcome to Watertown Skatepark, a.k.a The T.F., a.k.a. A Basketball Court With a Box, a.k.a. The Skid Mark of Skateparks. The absolute worst skatepark in recorded human history, Watertown Skatepark is a safe haven for people over the age of 13 that still ride and do tricks on scooters. However, it's major benefit comes in the form of a perfect box that is constantly being moved to the worst parts of the park, usually where the crack's are the biggest, a preference of the locals. By lowering your expectations you can have an extremely fun time here, it has on a number of occasions been the intended "warm up" spot, only to become the "only" spot for the day. A favorite for the under 15 and mid to upper 20 crowd's, alike.

Bust Factor; low

Tip from a local; the RMV is across the street, so it's somewhere to go while you wait for 4 hours.

- Phil and Brett