SMLTalk Awards 2014: A Semi-Comprehensive Recap


A very special night. On Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, SMLTalk hosted it's first event, the SMLTalk Awards for 2014. (We realize that based on the dates this may be confusing, but please bear with us). Anyhow, before running through the event, let's thank some people.

Orchard Skateshop - for always backing us, as well as playing an integral role in getting this event set up, and getting everyone there.

CONS -  for providing shoes to all of the winners.

Michael Chew/Armin Bachman/James DeRocher/Myles Underwood/Jesse Ciulla - if you still haven't seen Palomar II, Softhits, Snot Rockets and the Chinistix Promo, well, I guess it's only been like a couple days so you still have time. I'll come back to this in a week and berate you if you're still out of the loop.

Nick Mola - for hand-carving the amazing, sheik, sexy trophies that were received by the winners.

Ryan Stiffler - for helping edit/produce videos which played for the nominees.

Erik Pickard - for playing the technical assistant, and also for looking so damn good in that suit.

Alex Filho - for MCing this event, and making everybody about 10x more hyped than they would've been otherwise, heaven knows none of us could have done it.

ALRIGHT, enough of that mushy shit, here's how it went down:

Booger Boys started it up with Snot Rockets, a great recap of the youth scene in Boston, which, as a work of genius, used a remix of the SpongeBob Squarepants theme for the intro.

Next, Armin Bachman presented SOFTHITS, the first of his new project, using one MiniDV tape at a time, to some smooth music.

After that, Ryan Stiffler premiered the 9th installment of his iPhone video series, Feat Dion, Brooks, Rob Collins and more. Beautifully edited to Oxy Cotton by Lil' Wyte.

NEXT - we had the serious rap promo for the Chinistix video, by Jesse Ciulla

Then Michael Chew wrapped up the videos with the PALOMAR II Premiere, which obviously left people crying tears of sweet joy.

From here we moved on to the awards. Rather than talk about it in detail, we'll just post the nomination videos and tell you who won.

Skate Nerd of the Year - Mike Fork

King of the Model - Frankie Nash

Best Monochromatic Skater - Abe Dubin

Most Likely to be Seen at Eggs - Brian Delaney

Photographer of the Year - Liam Annis

Filmer of the Year - Lee Madden

Skated the Least - Mike Laybold

Best Young Dude - Ismael Diallo

Crowd Favorite - Chris Botsch

SOTY - Jeff Burke

Congratulations to everybody that won, THANK YOU to everybody that came. See you all next year!

Here are the photos!

***And here are the nomination videos, it starts up at around 15 seconds, the winners' videos play twice, and when it goes to the logo, skip about 10 seconds. Way to lazy to chop it up and post them individually, or really do any more editing than was already done. Enjoy.***