DAD Clothing: "Shake Dunks" Video

Enter the mind of Christopher Botsch. You may remember C-Botsch as our selected "Crowd Favorite" winner at the SMLTalk Awards and if you haven't had a chance to see him skate in person, his footage in this edit is a fraction of what he'll do on the way to a spot. His line at the MFA ledges (RIP, kinda) is actually a contender for one of the best ever filmed there, right alongside Dasaro's and Mark Suciu's. Chris loves skateboarding and he loves Dunkin Donuts even more. This edit is a bit longer than the first DAD promo we posted on the site and includes a full Abe "Orange Man" Dubin part*...there's much more skating in this one.

We hope you enjoy this edit and remember: shake your fuckin' dunks, dude.

-SMLTalk Staff



*Just want to mention that Abe has already dropped two full parts and may already be leading the 2015 SOTY race just two weeks into the new year...just sayin'.