Brett Star Iphone Edit: Vol. 1


City People alum and real estate mogul, Brett Star, has put together a little iphone edit for your weekend enjoyment. It should be said that almost half of the edit is a marathon line by Mr. Devin Woelfel, a stark reminder of his injury (godspeed on your recovery, sir) and his ridiculous knack for flatground. If there's a Flatground SOTY category for next year's SMLTalk Awards, Waffle would undoubtedly be a strong frontrunner. We've been really heavy on local video content this week, we promise we'll get some writing stuff together for next week. Regardless, thank you to everyone who contributed videos to the site, it makes our job a little bit easier when we're not as caught up as we should be. Despite currently being in the throes of winter, it's nice looking back on warmer times. Spring in two months!! (kinda, not really)

-SMLTalk Staff


Happy Weekend, ya'll.