Wide Angle Vision - Rob Collins Photo Exhibition


SMLTalk family member, Rob Collins, is having an art show at Orchard Skateshop in Allston on February 21st. To alleviate your stress, we put together a quick pro/con analysis to help you decide whether or not to be there. Pros:

1) Free PBR

2) All of your friends will be there

3) Maybe there will be a photo of you! (probably not, but who knows!)

4) If you play your cards right you can get Bro's autograph

5) Free PBR


1) It's indoors, and warm

2) There's a miniramp

3) Free PBJs. Just kidding, but there will be free PBR (BYOPBJ)

Well, as it turns out all of the cons are really just pros, so we'll see you there.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_AdU8wpyNY&feature=youtu.be]