Skate Products That Should Exist Vol. 1: L.E.'s Vibrating Dubstep Bean Bag Chair

With skateboard entrepreneurship at an all time high, we here at SMLTalk have been drumming up some product ideas inspired by our favorite companies that have not yet been seen in our beloved industry. Of course if any of these are to come into actual fruition we WILL be looking for our cut of the profits and we WILL not hesitate to take legal action.

The first installment in our new series was inspired by our friends over at Life Extension. Given the East Coast's newly found infatuation with The Artist Formerly Known As Sinner, I thought it would be highly appropriate to give an infantile brand the ol' SMLTalk bump. I give you: The L.E. Vibrating Dubstep Bean Bag Chair (available only in tie-dye). 

As this chill honey up top is demonstrating, the vibrating dubstep bean bag chair is designed to maximize comfort while also allow you to really get into the zone when you've popped multiple molly's and you inevitably begin to zone out due to "heavy vibes". What better a product for a team of piles than this magnificent piece of irie furniture? Forget ever skating again, you can literally melt your brain away for weeks just sitting in this thing. Not shown are two hefty speakers built into the chair, made to withstand the heaviest dubstep breakdowns known to man. These speakers also allow for some relatively relaxing, but mostly unsettling vibrations all throughout the bean bag, so just in case you did end up skating that day you can let your brain and your muscles unwind together. With the release of Life Extension's first and last video, you may receive one free copy of Theatrix with every purchase of five chairs or more. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! CALL TODAY AND BE THE FIRST TO RECEIVE YOUR VIBRATING DUBSTEP BEAN BAG CHAIR (and owner of Theatrix).