Best of #eggsreport 2014: by Brian Delaney

Brian Delaney, aka @dutchmaster_delaney, aka back tail god, aka most likely to be seen at eggs '14, aka secret skate nerd and smltalk friend, just released a best of #eggsreport for 2014, and it's beautiful. I am just really happy right now, because between this and the DAD Clothing video release, 2015 is set to be the best year ever. Reasons to watch:

1) Tricks you can't do from Dana, Squeaks, Ariel, Tommy Wisdom, Waffle, and others, including the Dutchmaster himself.

2) Segway skitching

3) Other Ariel hijinks

4) It's edited to Max B





Good morning,We at SMLTalk recently received an inquiry as to where we have been. The internet user assumed that the SMLTalk staff has taken a vacation. Appalled by this inquiry, and concerned that others may be of like-mind, we have drafted a formal response. We at SMLTalk apologize for the lack of content. We realize that things can get hard without VHS Reviews and status updates on the Muska. We are doing our best to produce content but at the moment are taking a hiatus in order to focus on the 2014 SMLTalk Awards Ceremony (see below). We beg for your patience and understanding in this time, and hope that you will keep clicking refresh, because we WILL be back up and running soon.

Yours Truly,

SMLTalk Staff

smltalk final

Snot Rockets/ Palomar 2/ SMLTalk Awards: January 3, 2015


Alright people, lots of stuff happening on January 3, 2015. It's a Saturday, if you're in Boston on that night and not there, well, then I guess you're just kind of weird, or have plans with your parents or something. Which is ok.

If you ARE going to be there, there's some important information that you need. We're going to be running a tight ship, so let's start by going through how this is going down:

It starts at 7:00pm at Wonderbar, in Allston (right down the street from Orchard). It's all ages, and it ends at 10:00pm. There is an unconfirmed (definitely happening) unsponsored after party happening at The Model.

7:00pm - Snot Rockets, a video by the Booger Boyz, featuring Myles Underwood, James Derocher, and a bunch of other kids.

7:45pm - Palomar 2, a film by Michael Chew. Palomar 2 is the third installment of the series, Palomar 3 having been directed by Tin Tran. Palomar 2 features full parts from guys with full time jobs, and clips from some of your favorite Boston boys (there might even be eggs footage!).

8:30pm - 10:00pm - 2014 SMLTalk Awards The highly anticipated awards party will pay respect to Boston's best. 10 individuals will be crowned** as champions of the following categories:

Skate Nerd of the Year

Best Monochromatic Skater

Filmer of the Year

Photographer of the Year

Most Likely to be seen at Eggs

King of the Model

Skated the Least

Best Young Dude

Crowd Favorite


**there's no actual crown, just a trophy, and the winners are the ones who pay us the most. SMLTalk accepts cash, debit, or will negotiate any sort of barter deal.

Big ol' shout outs to Orchard and Cons for backing this thing.

Also, once this is done we will finally get back to posting on this site. Sorry for any inconvenience/sadness/depression/etc. this has caused anybody. See ya there!