Picky's Picks Vol. 9: Tony Hawk, Sync (2014)


Tony HawkSync- 2014

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbZ5odFIs4&w=560&h=315]

We all know that skating by yourself doesn't even compare to skating with your friends. Tony doesn't just skate with his friends, he plays 2-player mode and kills it. With a mile long list of goddamn legends skating along side Mr. Hawk, this part is beyond impressive. I probably watched the Lance Mountain clip 75 times and I'm not sure that was enough. So next time you're out skating with your pals keep this video in mind, and don't try anything you saw here. You and your friend will both die, you're not qualified.


Picky's Picks Vol. 8: Dan Pappas, "The Better Life" (2006)


Dan PappasThe Better Life. 2006

Dan is one of the most naturally talented people I've ever seen on a skateboard in my entire life. Top notch style, trick selection, and I should probably mention that he's only 14 in this part. This was a guy destined to be "your favorite pro's favorite pro". However, due to injuries he now tickles the ivory on cruise ships which he probably does better than anyone else, as well. Rumor has it he filmed his ender for an ice cream! (ah, to be young again). Just watch the part and be jealous you'll never have a switch three flip like this dude!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGjeci3_SoE]

Picky's Picks Vol. 7: BATB


We asked Pickard to pick a winner for us, and though it might not be congruent with some other picks we've made on our bracket, this is his little segment and Picky's allowed to pick whoever Picky picks...pick. And that's not to say he made a bad choice by any means, though based on many of the submitted brackets that I've seen, there is a clear favorite in our scene and he's the favorite for a very good reason (it's Dana). So with that said, I'll let Pickard get to picking and regardless of who wins or loses, who actually cares, this is one of the best events in the city and is always a great way to bring everyone together. So congratulations and good luck to all those skating in the event and a special thank you to Orchard, Pabst, and Converse for making this an annual thing. See you all tomorrow! -SMLTalk Staff

With Battle at the Barrics just one day away, one question is on everybody's mind: Who will take the title this year? With an event like BATB it really could be any of the 16 competitors...well probably not myself. Have you seen these other dudes skate? I'm fucked! Regardless, the fine gentlemen at SMLTalk have asked me to choose a BATB champion, and I have to say, I'm team #BabyDave all day!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNKTEIzEc0o&w=420&h=315]