SMLTalk With: Jesse Silvey


Jesse Silvey is a damn legend with a solid resume, having been in two of the most popular skate videos of the VHS era (Fulfill the Dream, and Guilty) as well as parts as a youth in the Church of Skatan videos. If you were alive/skating/mentally aware during the late 90s and early 2000s, you know him as the kid grew up with Sammy Baptista, and one of the few dudes on Shorty’s could do tricks that didn’t look like a complete mishap.



Alright Jesse, I need to know. Who came up for the storyline behind Guilty? I think we can both admit that it’s absolutely insane.

I believe they hired some Hollywood director

Wow. Who had your favorite part in that video?

I’d say Brandons for the fact he raps his own soundtrack an the sw hard at the end was just out right gangsta! But def Smolik now that I look back he had the most NBD’S and just way ahead of the curve, the flip in flip out stuff.

The weird thing about that video for me is that the distinction in style between guys like you, Sammy, and Toan is so clear from pretty much everyone else on the team. You guys had good trick selection, were really progressive, and skated clean. I know you were probably skating mostly with Sammy, but who else were you skating with at this time?

We’d meet with Toan and Smolik and B most every chance we got. But yeah it was just a great formula with hotel, filmer and van missions.




Switch big flip at 3rd and Army. I just want to say thank you for that.

Thanks that was a tough cookie! These were the days when everyone shot in film and I could remember trying that trick for so long there was a mountain of film building the pressure is real when you have that on the sideline but thankfully all elements fell together

Can you give me a Muska moment?

I rolled with him one time to do a demo at Universal Studios and he was trying this kickflip off this ramp and fell and was like “FUCK!” some flash light cop was like “watch your mouth” Muska didn’t skip a beat and was all “ Fuck off” dude tried hemming him up and then Mike Vallely bum rushes the cop and Muska breaks and all hell cuts loose. I think Sheffey was chasing the copper around it was GREAT!

jesse 180 switch crooks


That is absolutely insane. Alright, lightning round, would you rather skate like Tony Manfre or Tony Tave?

Manfre, That’s the homie!

Rick Howard or Ricky Oyola?


Jason Jessee or Jesse Martinez?

Jason Lee


What would you say is your favorite video from the VHS era?

The Alien workshop photosynthesis the orange tape ooof!



So I gotta be honest, I was watching your video part in Hard Times But Good Times, and I noticed that the top comment is as follows:

“Fuck Dylan rieder, this fool is what skating is about. Fucker works a job and skates on the side. Dylan can suck my shitty asshole as i sit here taking my morning shit

 This might be the best YouTube comment in recorded history, and I think a lot of people feel that way. That pros like Dylan, who are also models, aren’t relatable. What’s your opinion on skating today and the way different pros present themselves?

I’m flatered haha! Yeah I don't know we're all skaters that love to skate whether you comb your hair to the left or right I could care less. But yeah theres a lot of kooks that don’t skate and mimic styles like come on really your gonna tuck your white T and wear high waters and not backside heel a table haha!




 How’d you get to filming that video after taking a break from skating for a bit?

Everything I filmed was in Barcelona and I was just cruising it felt good to be in that place with the free will to do what ever I wanted. But yeah shaking off the rust can be a challenge but yet fun to learn everything over. I just didn’t care what anyone thought like fuck it this is where my skatings at just document the time we have and lets have fun.


Where are you living these days?


I know you’ve been skating...saw the clip with the switch crooks on the instagram...liked it. You got anything in the works?

Im always obsessing on skating everyday but yeah I’d like to film another part. That’s always fun and feels good to accomplish.




Wait, real quick before we end this, not sure if you saw it, but Smolik just had a clip in the Sk8 Mafia promo doing a switch bigspin heelflip frontside disaster revert on some transition spot. How insane is that?

Yeah I saw that too! Pete is classic!


Any shout outs?

ALL that love skating and don’t give a fuck! To SMLTALK for considering me for this interview! PEACE!