SMLTalk with: Brandon Westgate


Brandon Westgate is one of the best skateboarders on the planet. He owns his own farm in Carver and has actually won SOTY two years in a row, they just keep giving his trophy to other people for some reason. He's a nice dude. Did I mention he's one of the best skateboarders on the planet?

First question, can you dunk a basketball?


Wow, we were not prepared for that response.

(*scraps list of basketball questions*)

Okay. So, you’re currently living down in Carver. What’s life like for you on a daily basis there? Do you skate that much in Carver?

It's pretty mellow in the summer, I would do some work around the farm in the morning, then go skating later in the day. Now the weather sucks so I'm heading out west.

Have you ever found a body in the cranberry bog?

No, and I hope I never do.

westgate bog

Alright, we need the inside scoop here. How did Anthony Shetler get involved with Shake Shack? It’s a dream sponsor of mine, so I’m fascinated/jealous at how the AIN Crew has pulled this a follow up, are you a shake shack fan - if so, shackburger, smokeshack, or shroom burger?

Anthony knows someone on the inside that's super cool. Yeah I love shake shack it's the best, shroom burger all day.

So you’re originally from Wareham, Massachusetts. Was there much to skate there or did you travel around the South Shore for spots/parks? What about Boston? Seems like the first time I heard of you, you were skating in NYC a lot.

There's nothing to skate in Wareham. We did have a little indoor skatepark that I skated everyday, it was the best. I didn't have my license when I got hooked up with 5boro so it was hard to get around. I would have my parents drop me off at the bus station and take the bus to NYC and shred with those guys every weekend.

You seem on an island with your skating: not too concerned with trick trends/stair counts/etc. Do you keep up with skating regularly? What’s the best internet comment you’ve read about yourself?

Ya I check Thrasher, The Skateboard Mag, The Berrics, Hella Clips...I don't check everyday but  whenever I feel like watching something...I don't really check comments, you never know what people are gonna say.


Favorite VHS era video?


Does shameless self-promotion help or hurt the cause and will conveniently timed end-of-the-year video parts continue to rob you of the award you so justly deserve?

I don't know anything about how others self promote, I try and stay away from all that and just skate and film parts. For me that's what skating has always been about, filming and making parts, I just like to do that. If it works out and I win I'd be stoked for sure. The parts for that are all so good and everyone that's won so far I think has deserved it. I'm just stoked to be in the running.



As we bring this to a close, I just want to make sure you fully understand how many hearts you broke when you boardslid up the JP rail. I was literally looking to boardslide down it the other day. Now what? Now. What.

Haha I've been looking at that every since I first went there years ago.

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing with your family’s business. Is this something you could see yourself doing full-time when skateboarding has run it’s course?

I basically bought a home with 7.5 acres of cranberry bogs. My families never actually owned any of our own. My Dad helps me so much, I couldn't do it without his help or knowledge. I love to do that kind of work and learning everything. I would love to take over the cranberry industry when I can't skate anymore.


Shout outs/Thank you’s?

Thank you to my wife, family, Zoo, Emerica, Venture, Ricta, Bones Bearings, Dakine Bags, and Skaters Edge.

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Photos: Rob Collins

Interview: Rojo, Dave Lewis, Evan Oppedisano

(special thanks to Tim Savage, as well)