SMLTalk with: Tim Savage


Tim Savage is a VX1000 enthusiast, Frankie Nash's roommate, and was once mentioned in the thank you section of Brandon Westgate's Thrasher interview. Hey Tim, what are you wearing right now?

Haha hey man, just jeans and a sweatshirt, pretty casual.

As a Falmouth skatepark OG, tell us something people don’t know about Falmouth Park scene (which could be anything because nobody knows what it is).

Haha good ‘ol Falmouth park! Hmmm well my good homie Sean Michon and his brother Kevin Michon opened up a local skate shop about 5 years back on Main St in Falmouth called “headway”. It was some of the raddest times ever and all the local rippers would just come in and hang out all day and just kick it. Sean and Kevin really put 100% into the shop and it’s quite inspiring to be honest. Dudes just opened up a small business right out of high school! It was open for a year or so before they decided to close down because they both had plans to move away from Falmouth. I’ll never forget that place though and it goes to show you that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it!

tim filming 2

When did you first get into filming? What was your first set up?

I’ve always really enjoyed video cameras growing up and took some basic film classes in High school, which increased my interest. One day I was skating this spot in Kingston and this dude we were shredding with just happened to have a vx1000 that he was trying to sell. I immediately just offered to buy it and like 2 days later we finalized the deal. That was about 5 years ago and I couldn’t be happier about that decision.

I remember when I first met you it seemed like you and Sean Michon were the team. You on the VX and Michon with the photos. How’d that come about?

Sean and I went to High school together so we just naturally became friends through school and being some of the only skaters in the area. Sean started taking flicks a few years before I got into filming but once I got my VX we just kept going out and skating and getting missions going. He has a great eye for skating and it was just good times every time we skated.

It’s no secret how you feel about the VX1000, why is SD so important to you? Would you ever consider HD?

Hahaha well honestly I just think that the VX1000 just makes skating look so raw and powerful. It really is a unique camera and the MK1 lens just seals the deal. I’ve thought about going HD a lot and I prob will get an HD camera eventually, but I’m always going to hold onto my VX1000.


Given your preference for Vx footage, do you even watch all the new HD/GoPro/Sci Fi that’s constantly coming out? What videos are you inspired by?

Hell yea I watch new videos no matter what camera they were filmed with! Some recent videos that I’ve been really stoked on are Static 4 & 5, big fan of the sabotage videos, the RAW video was amazing, sk8rat video was dope, GX1000 of course, I could go on and on…  Anything local is always inspiring.  It’s the best to see people you know kill it!

Are there any filmers who’s style you try to mimic? What filmers are you psyched on.

Hmm well I don’t know if mimic is the right word, but there’s deff filmers who have inspired me to think twice about the way I may film something. Shane Auckland, the dude who runs Sk8rats has always stood out to me as an amazing filmer. Lee Madden also knows how to use his VX like none other. You saw that RAW video, goddamn!


One time I hit you in the face because you were filming so close to me. Sorry about that.

Haha no sweat, happens kind of a lot haha

Who sucks to film with? Who’s fun to film with?

Whoah, ahhh well not just for filming but just negative people in general are always rough to be around. Nothing worse than someone who’s got nothing positive to say or is always down in the dumps. Haha hmm well there’s a lot of people who make filming fun. I guess just anyone who really goes for stuff. Nothing better than going to a spot where you know the person is definitely going to try a trick. Hate traveling far to a spot and no one steps up haha but that’s just how it goes…

I’ve seen you do some jumping yourself… what’s the biggest stairset you’ve ever skated?

Ummm maybe like a 12 or so? Hucking is one of my favorite aspects in skating. Ever since I was younger I’ve always been blown away by people jumping down the gnarliest spots.

tim skating

How bad is it living with Frankie Nash? Give us a good Franksy story.

Hahaha, Frankie's the man! Living with Frankie is rad and he’s always got some crazy spots or missions he wants to venture to.  I can't really think of any story specifically but I can 100% say that ever since I started living with him he has never missed a weekend at the Model. You guys were spot on giving him that award haha!

When you get a crew together to get out and skate, who’s job is it to have spots? The filmer or the skater?

Really depends I guess. Usually if who ever I’m skating with has a spot they wanna go to we just check it out and try and make it work. I’m all about spot finding though and going to new areas to see what lurks, so if I find a spot that needs to be skated I wont hesitate to bring it up to someone who I think could get down.


You’ve just finished putting together promo #2 for Corner Store. What can we expect in tomorrow’s video?

The homies. Jimmy Lake and I really wanted to put something out that tried to incorporate as many of our friends as we could. Like I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing better than watching a video filmed with all your good friends and heads in the scene!

Any word on a full-length for CS?

There’s definitely been talk about that for the plans after this promo. I think Jimmy Lake definitely wants to start working on one but he’s pretty relaxed about it all. We’ll just continue to go out and skate and have fun and see where it goes!


You have your own full length coming out. Tell us a little about that.

Yes. Sooo basically I’m aiming for Fall 2015 to put it out. Between injuries, work, school, conflicting schedules, etc. We’ve been trying to stack as much as we can to really showcase the talents of the skaters I’m working with. It’s called “Gem”, and the line up is Nick Govatsos, Jordan Rodrigues, Pedro DeOliveira, Nick Rudzinski, Frankie Nash, Jimmy Lake, Steven Catizone, Serge Murphy and Eric Martinac. Super stoked to be working with all these dudes and I couldn’t be more excited to show everyone what we’ve been doing!

Any advice for people looking to get into the filming game?

Just go for it. It’s not about what you use also, It’s how you use it. Even Iphone edits are legit now a days haha

Shout outs/ thank you?

Everyone whose down for skating and good times!  Oh, and of course SMLTalk  =*