SMLTalk with: Jason Rothmeyer

On Episode 1 (perhaps technically episode 2...we interviewed Mike Rusczyk a while back, and unfortunately due to lack of organization / general irresponsibility lost half of the content). Mike if you're reading - sorry about that, we love you. 

Anyway - on this episode we talk to Jason Rothmeyer - legend, New Balance Sales Manager, former Airwalk Team Manager, contest judge, former Santa Cruz / Foundation pro, and perhaps most importantly - certified skate nerd. 

As mentioned during the interview - during the early 90's, Jason filmed a bunch, including a whole host of clips from different contests. We made a short edit of clips filmed by Jason from this Skatezone contest in 1991. Features: Willy Santos, Danny Way, Ed Templeton, Kareem Campbell, Wade Speyer, Eric Koston, and John Cardiel. See more of Jason's clips HERE

Some additional #content

Jason's Desk


Some early Rothmeyer


roth photo1.jpg

Ads referred to during the switch from Santa Cruz to Foundation


Jason's Pro Files from 411vm Issue 2

A young Jason Dill pushing mongo - as filmed by Rothmeyer

Taking a break from the judges table


Not taking a break from the judges table